Clojure Meetup #4 'Tales from Production, Clojure in the Wild

Singapore Clojure Meetup
Singapore Clojure Meetup
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Hi fellow Singaporean Clojurians,

Firstly I must apologise for the irregularity of the recent meetups, personal situations conspired to prevent us organising any. However things are now back on track and we have a meetup this month and we will also have a meetup earlier than usual in November as part of DevFest Singapore. The announcement for that will go out within a week and we will have our first international speaker talking about ClojureScript at that.

This time we're back with tales from the real world, where The Brave and True have deployed Clojure in anger successfully. We have 2 speakers and promise stimulating and true stories of the successes and issues around using Clojure in high performance, high availability and mission critical software. One of the most difficult things in getting your shop or workplace to adopt a new language is being able to figure out what it does well and what it does not. It's always a bit of a chicken and egg situation as to be able to do it you have to have done it already so benefit from the experience of our two speakers Liu Dapeng and Marcus Bradstreet to help you.

The talks are:

"The Clojure brain behind 40 billion requests a day, a story of deploying clojure into production" by Liu Dapeng. Dapeng is a software developer of 10 years experience who has been using Clojure for three years. He has built and deployed a key component of his employer's, PocketMath, ad management system in clojure and this is that story with comparisons to Java, how clojure worked and didn't, the unexpected wins and losses including time travelling and the challenges of getting a new language accepted by his management.

"Clojure Embraces Pragmatism" by Lucas Bradstreet. Lucas is a software developer of many moons and has been working with Clojure for more than 2 years. His talk is about the how Clojure is a language for getting stuff done primarily and not proving academic or style points. His talk will demonstrate how Clojure is more than any other language a language for developers who care about shipping product.

ThoughtWorks have kindly stepped up and offered their offices for the meetup on Amoy St.

PocketMaths are kindly sponsoring the Pizza and drinks.