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January 2019 Singapore Clojure Meetup

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Flybot Pte Ltd - M.


Hello Clojurians,

Happy New Year to everyone. Please join me for our first Singapore Clojure meetup in year 2019 host by Skyscanner and Flybot on 24th January.


  • 6:30pm: Pizza, drinks & chat
  • 7:00pm: Functional Microservices by Xing Yang
  • 7:45pm: Deps and CLI with Clojure and Boot by Isaac Johnston
  • 8:30pm: Networking

Functional Microservices
Difficulties in delivering monolith application lead software practitioners
> to move to microservice architecture. However many microservice projects
> simply repeated the mistakes made in the monolith applications, resulted in
> same poor quality deliveries with harder to diagnose issues.

This presentation proposes that microservices can be modelled as functions,
> where purity can be maintained by a) adopting CQRS concepts and modelling
> internal states as reduced over incoming commands; and b) pushing side
> effects towards system boundaries. With services as functions, a group of
> services working together therefore can be modelled as functional
> compositions.

Flybot Pte Ltd

Thanks to Skyscanner for sponsoring venue & drinks and Flybot for the pizzas.

39 Robinson Road, Level 7 · Singapore, al