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October 2019 Singapore Clojure Meetup

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Hello Clojurians,

This month we have a guest speaker from Thanks Arne for voluntarily giving us a talk about Kaocha!

Automated testing forms a core part of building robust and reliable software, but how testing is done in practice varies wildly. Workflow, syntax, and context all differ, from the local REPL to the build server. This has led to a proliferation of tools, each occupying a single point in the design space.

Kaocha seeks to remedy this Balkanization by being data-driven and extensible. It turns the imperative process of finding and running tests into a data transformation pipeline, and can be used both as a stand-alone tool or as a library, making it highly adaptable to people's needs.

Speaker Bio
Arne teaches and consults about all things Clojure and ClojureScript, as well as allocating a large part of his time to improving the Clojure ecosystem through open source software like Kaocha and Chestnut, and community initiatives like ClojureVerse and Heart of Clojure.

In October meetup, we would also like to invite all members of the Singapore Clojure meetup group to actively take part in below discussions that could help to shape the Singapore Clojure community in the future, your input is highly appreciated.

  1. Your expectations from attending the meetup;
  2. Discussion around how we can improve the Clojure community.


  • 6:30 pm: Networking, pizza & drinks
  • 7:00 pm: Organizer & Sponsor Announcement / Discussion
  • 7:30 pm: Kaocha: a Functional Test Runner by Arne
  • 8:15 pm: Q&A

Thanks to INELLLEX for providing us with venue and refreshments.

4b Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089261 · SINGAPORE, al