This Meetup is past

16 people went


We have listened, we have spoken, we have even shown each other our work. Now’s the time to get down and dirty with our hands.

It’s the inaugural Creative Coding Jam.

What is this Jam Business?

There won’t be any presenters, no panels. It’s not even a workshop. It is an all-day event though.

We will start the day at Paypal, who are graciously hosting us, at 10am and after everyone’s awake to the smell of coffee, or beer, whichever is your poison, we’ll proceed to decide on the theme for the day. Feel free to bring your own ideas along, no pressure.

Sometime between then and 8pm we will probably break for lunch at some point.

And we will wrap up the day at 8pm with a show and tell of what everyone has worked on. Beers after are recommended but not compulsory.

What do I need to Bring?

Tools and toys. Laptops, MIDI controllers, soldering irons, mimosa plants. Anything that you’ve been meaning to work on but just never had that time. Now you can totally do it under the stress of peer pressure.


Theme: Emotional Machines

Place: Paypal Level 9

Time: 10am – 8pm / 1000H – 2000H

Purpose: Come and make.