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This is a group for SME business owners who are interested in learning how to raise funds for their businesses. Many SME bosses are not well versed in this area. We can facilitate funding for businesses from government loans, banks and other financial institutions. Alternate funding such as crowd funding and in-house loan is also available to your company.

If you are unable to get business loans from banks, this is one Meetup you must come as we will invite some of our bankers to speak. We will also arrange for talks on subject such as :

1. How to Use Crowd Funding to raise funds and test market for your products
2. Business Succession and Continuation Planning for SMEs
3. Doing Business, God's Way (BGW)
4. How to structure a Retirement Plan for SMEs' bosses with company's funds
5. IPO. Merger and Acquisition
6. Government Grants and Loans

As a financial advisor to companies, I specialize in Business Succession and Continuation Planning. Many a times business owners asked me how to raise funds for their businesses. It is with this in mind that I conduct this Meetup for business owners.

2016 will be a bad year for business. Business people will need to have good cash flow control to tide them over. Learn which loan instruments is best suitable for your business. All banks are not make the same. Different bank has different risk threshold which in turn determines the terms and conditions before the bank will accept the loan application.

If you have corporate loan needs now, please do contact NL Tham at 96583822 or complete and submit this form at https://www.cognitoforms.com/LawrenceTham1/CorporateLoans

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LinkedIn Branding Fundamentals - Get yourself invited to attend Free Preview

Brands worth $millions$ -- e.g. the brand names of Coca Cola, Nike, Apple, etc are worth millions of dollars. Learn how you can do branding using LinkedIn by simply tweaking your profile. You need to spend 5 to 10 minutes daily to "tweak" your LinkedIn profile to be on the radar of your prospects. I thought I already know how to use LinkedIn. Until I took the course, only then I know how little do I really know. LinkedIn can be used to seek a job, branding and business development, My experience is that after I take the necessary actions as instructed in the course, my connect in LinkedIn jumped to 4.5 millions. And I start to get enquiries on corporate finance through LinkedIn. My business is in corporate finance. If you are into business, it make good sense to brand yourself on LinkedIn. About the Trainer : Ben The

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