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We know how much City Dwellers love variety. This group serves as an open platform for passionate industry professionals from various modalities of study (e.g. life coaches, holistic health professionals, consultants,psychologist, etc.) to share and offer a teaser meditation/ meditative workshop with “You” - who are looking for something a little different, something relaxing after a day of work, a stress-detox before you head home or perhaps to gain a few insights into yourself.

No, we are not a religious group or a MLM. It’s a healthy community interest group made up of people passionate about their work, enjoy meditation and sharing it with our all our fellow city-state dwellers.

Come experience great meditation sessions facilitated like a workshop with enough theory to give you context and a strong grounding. It’s fun, relaxing, enjoyable and certainly rewarding.

Perfect for beginners all the way to guru-meditators.

FREE - "Receive what is given, give only what you can" Donations are welcome.


www.singaporefreemeditation.com (http://www.singaporefreemeditation.com/)

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Singapore Free Meditation Group is an open platform. We make no claims and no representations as to the content or suitability of the information in the sessions for any purpose.


这社会团体融合了各領域充滿激情的專業人士(如生活教練,全面的健康專業人士,專業顧問,心理學家等); 抽空來為 ‘您’ 提供冥想/打坐的最新研究和實習方式。為 ‘您’ 提供一個都市喘氣的空間。讓您在工作繁忙了一天後,有個放鬆,平衡,換回自己的空間。






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The Big Sit x Guoco Tower

Guoco Tower

Register for a place: https://www.nianlife.com/event-details-registration/the-big-sit-x-guoco-tower-18-march-2023

In a world that never stops, where external noise rages on and internal voices are amplified, what better way to carry on than to create a space for us all to simply sit and rest in moments of stillness and silence?

​All around the city, social meditation spaces beckon. We invite you to join us for a once-a-month community sit and get inspired on making use of public and private spaces for practicing mindfulness and fostering good mental health.

Register for a place: https://www.nianlife.com/event-details-registration/the-big-sit-x-guoco-tower-18-march-2023


“Are you able to come to a stop in your life, even for one moment? Could it be this moment? What would happen if you did?”

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are


The Big Sit x Singapore is a community sit held at various urban spaces.

Anyone, with or without mindfulness meditation experience, is welcome to join. Each session lasts 45-60 minutes, and will be led and guided by an experienced mindfulness/meditation teacher. Practices will usually begin with mindful movements or walking, followed by sitting.

Please come dressed in comfortable clothes, and bring your own yoga mat/large towel, cushion, as well as drinking water. You're also encouraged to arrive at least 10 minutes earlier to set up your space.

Register for a place: https://www.nianlife.com/event-details-registration/the-big-sit-x-guoco-tower-18-march-2023

Spaces on-site will be prioritized for paid and/or donation tickets, and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Attendees without registration may be turned away once we reach the maximum number of participants allowed at the venue. We thank you for your kind understanding towards these arrangements.

Collections from paid and donation tickets will go to The Big Sit, as a token to the teacher's time and guidance as well as to cover any administrative or miscellaneous costs in reaching out to more people and communities through The Big Sit and furthering the Conscious Cities Index Research Project for the benefit of urban wellbeing. We thank you for your very valuable contribution.

Each session will also be streamed live online, for those who are not able to join us at the venue.

Last but not least, you are also encouraged to add this event to your calendar.

For more details, please visit: thebigsit.co

Register for a place: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/the-big-sit-x-guoco-tower-tickets-117739545149

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The Big Sit x Gardens By The Bay

Active Garden, Waterfront Plaza