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Many films are adapted after true life events and sometimes facts can be stranger than fiction. Films can help open our eyes to things that in reality we have not and may never experience in our lifetime. Films can preempt the future, films can also reminisce the past.

As we live day to day, we are exposed to happenings that could leave us inspired, excited, happy, sad, appalled, angry, mad or even mixed emotions.

Communication help us deal with such emotions coz talking about it sometimes open new perceptive, understanding or acceptance. Communication can help us grow.

That's why sometimes after watching a movie, it's so inspiring to talk, banter and discuss as each of us receive the movie differently.

Personally I think all films deliver a message, it depends on where and how you look for it. I would agree though that some movie just provide sheer brainless entertainment for one and a half hours.

Our concept is simple, group members gather to watch a preselected movie with a message (either chosen by the organizers or you can suggest/share a movie that has inspired you). We will then share the experience with the group during a facilitated discussion.

Anyone is welcome to attend, and you can share as little or as much of your thoughts as you feel comfortable.

We look forward to sharing some good movies, good food and good company,with you all.

Marrie Lee

I am also the organizer for 2 other groups. Please feel free to explore and join if you wish.


A social group that explores anything fun on this earth.


A passion film group making films

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The Avatars of Improv and The Crane presents


Saturday, Sept. 25th, 7:30 - 9:30pm
$20.00 General Admission.
$15.00 for Crane Members


Contrary to popular belief, the 'poetry slam' was born in New York City, in the East Village apartment of Miguel Algarin [masked]). Miguel was a poet, scholar, literary icon, teacher/mentor, 3-time winner of the American Book Award, and co-founder of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, where I attended my first poetry slam in 1975, and where history was being made nightly, one word at a time.

As a tribute to Miguel, who passed away last November, Delta Force Improv presents our debut SLAMPROV.
The evening's poet/performers will be selected randomly by lots and the winners decided by a panel of judges selected from the audience.

The SLAM will be followed by a performance from Delta Force Improv, Singapore's premier purveyors of sketch comedy and long-form improv. For this first ever SLAMPROV, after a few warm-ups, DFI will perform a DECONSTRUCTION, considered by many to be the most difficult of all long-forms to master.

Delta Force Improv is a visionary ensemble known for their highly imaginative, creative and genre-bending shows.

Delta Force Improv is available for Parties, Corporate Entertainment, Showcases and Private Workshops by special arrangement.
The Avatars of Improv, DFI's Corporate Specialists are available for Cloud Improv Corporate Trainings and Functions.
We specialize in high-level improv and nobody does it better. Just ask us!
Write [masked] to schedule a consultation.

The Happy Movie
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

This is a good movie to put our lives into perspectives!

If there are people interested, I can organise a screening.


Needs a date and time

Needs a location


Looking for movies with powerful messages? Look no further!

SWIFF Club presents the inaugural Singapore World International Film Festival 2016 - an event that is set to provide local festival goers with an insight into the broad diversity of film culture from across the world.

Running from 9th to 10th April 2016, SWIFF 2016 will be screening a curated selection of 7 award-winning international films at Golden Village VivoCity.

Ticket sales for SWIFF will begin on 24th March 2016 at www.gv.com.sg. Film festival information is available at http://www.swiff.club


From an overwhelming pool of over 3550 international submissions, SWIFF has shortlisted an exclusive selection of 6 feature films and 1 documentary from 6 countries - Philippines, China, Japan, Canada, United States and Spain.

This includes the Singapore Premiere of SWIFF’s opening film, Leaves of the Tree, which relates the ongoing struggle of doubt, belief and faith for all that come in contact with a centuries old tree that seemingly possesses profound healing properties.

Rest of the festival films line-up:

China’s 3 Dreams

A Film Critics Circle of Australia winner for Best Documentary: China’s 3 Dreams takes us deep inside the present dilemmas and dreams of China’s people – without mediation from Western presenters or narrators. Filmmaker Nick Torrens spent 12 years chronicling the lives of ordinary citizens in China, with rare archive and extraordinary testimony from former Red Guards and Rebels.


China, a successful young american photographer of Spanish and Chinese origin who “has it all” is shaken by the death of her father. Gripped by grief, she embarks on a trip to Spain in search of memories of her father. Her journey increasingly brings her closer to nature, to the Spanish people and their land. Along the way, she has to overcome horrific ordeals, even coming close to the brink of death. However, she also finds help and understanding which motivate her to overcome her grief and to find her roots. If, at the beginning of her trip, China felt despair for the loss of her family, at the end of it, she succeeds in gaining a new family that gives meaning to her life. She discovers that running away is not the answer.

Slit Mouth Woman in L.A.

As the rumor of the Kuchisake Onna (Slit Mouth Woman) spreads through L.A. CLAIRE’S friend MONICA falls victim to a brutal murder. Suffering from nightmares and hallucinations, Claire starts to believe her older sister SARAH, who is a researcher of Japanese Urban legends, is the killer Slit Mouth Woman. Sarah, on the other hand, thinks that Clair is Slit Mouth Woman. They find out that all the incidents are not just about slit mouth woman but also other urban legends from Japan. Now it is up to Sarah to find out if the horror legends are actually true, and stop the mysterious murders.

Slit Mouth Woman introduces a new approach of film making, for it’s a non-remake but original stories of Japanese urban horror legends.


Buffalo stars William McCallum in a powerful role as “Roger”, a lonely cab driver who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He is shaken by the sudden death of his ex-wife, and steals a cab from his job and sets out to find the son he hasn’t seen in more than thirty years.

The 4th feature film from award-winning Director/Writer/Actor Michael McCallum. Buffalo has since received numerous awards including BEST FEATURE FILM, BEST SCREENPLAY, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Barb Dalman) and HUMANITARIAN AWARD from various festivals.

Black Mud

A coming of age story about two orphaned brothers who travel cross country to the Alberta oil sands in search of a new life. Along the way, they learn to depend on one another, but tensions grow as money gets tight. On the brink of giving up, Alex, the older brothr, meets Flora, a young drifter, who insists on coming with them in exchange for a place to stay in Alberta. An equity-backed road film in which the team shot the majority across Canada (4500km) by augmenting available light and a cast and crew of 20 altogether on the road.

Patrol (Ronda)

Ronda is about decay. Set in the decaying streets of Manila, an honorable policewoman's principles are tested while her broken relationship with her husband and son stands on the edge of failure. Manila, with its neon signs and crumbling buildings, seems lonely and abandoned. Nothing much is happening as their police car crawls along the streets. But there is palpable tension in the air. The smog-filled streets, dark corners, and grimy overpasses create a sense of looming fear. There is a distinct feeling that something bad is about to happen.

For more information on the film festival, please visit http://www.swiff.club

Wanted: Venue to Screen Inde Films
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Please inform me if I'm mistaken, but to my knowledge, there isn't a venue solely dedicated to the screening of classic independent and experimental cinema, not to mention student films here in Singapore.

Well, there ought to be!

Does anyone know of a venue, preferably free or low cost, that could function in such a capacity?

All of the films I plan on screening are either in the public domain, or permission has been granted by the current licensees.

Please contact Phil at [masked] with any ideas.

Thank you.

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