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- Your friends are all in relationships and hardly go out anymore...or...

- You've been on and off dating apps/websites for years...or...

- You're new in town and haven't built your social circle yet...or...

- You're bored of people not wanting to meet up in person or hang out...

- And you JUST want a place to go where you can hang out with a bunch of OTHER friendly, fun, cool people in the same situation...

In a safe environment where you can make new friends...

For fun times (and more...)

Well… SO ARE WE!!! :)


(Pic from one of our previous events)

This group is for Singles/The 'Third Wheel' in Singapore who are sometimes lost amongst their coupled friends...

We will be BUSY. With lots of fun and interesting events in Singapore, on a frequent basis.

Some will be relaxed, some will be lively, and all of them will be Fun!

So whether you are single/divorced/separated/'it's complicated'/with/without kids and whatever else…

And you're in Singapore, up for some fun times with wacky conversations and perhaps a cheeky drink or two... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

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Frequently asked questions:

Q - Is this group really free?
A - Yes. Free to join AND we try and keep most events free to attend, and you can buy your own food, drinks etc as required. If a fee is required for an event, it will be listed in the event description.

Q - Can I come along to events by myself?
A - Yes. And LOTS of people do (maybe even most people). BUT, the point of this group is that you won't be alone for long, as you will meet new friends within a matter of seconds :)

Q - Can I bring a friend with me?
A - Yes! Most events allow you to add a +1 to your RSVP, even if your friend isn't a member, although they might as well join the group anyway, as it's FREE! :)

Q - What's the age range for this group?
A - The majority of our members are aged between their early 20s through to their late 30s, although we have some members outside of this too. All events are 18+ UNLESS specified! Eg: some events are separated by age brackets so people feel more comfortable, such as 'Ages 18-35', or 'Ages 30+' etc, and we ask that you respect these brackets when they are specified to keep you and our members happy :)

Q - Can I attend if I am not on the 'Attending List', or if I'm still on the 'Waitist'?
A - No. Only approved RSVPs are permitted to attend events. This is sometimes due to limitations of venue size and other factors which help us make our events successful. If you have missed out on an event and it's fully booked, we suggest you keep your group notifications on so you are notified when future events are posted, and then make sure you RSVP right away to avoid missing out! :)

Q - What's the dress code?
A - Dress code obviously depends on the nature of the event. We try and specify dress codes in our event descriptions, especially if a venue has a strict dress code. We recommend you dress well for all events so you make a good impression on your potential new friends.

Q - How do I find the group when I arrive?
A - Usually the event description has a meeting point listed. The 'Host' of the event also has their profile picture on the event, so you know who to look for when you arrive. To make it easier to find the group, we always recommend arriving at the listed 'start time' of the event, as this is when the host will be at the meeting point. Once the event progresses, the host cannot be expected to wait at the meeting point indefinitely as they want to have fun too. Usually the host/group will move around the venue, and possibly even to other venues (depending on the nature of the event). In the case where you cannot find the host/group, you can post a comment on the event you are attending, and IF the host or other members see it/have time, they may be able to direct you to the group :)

REMEMBER: We actually PAY Meetup to run this group for you. And our team of organisers and hosts give up their own time FREE of charge. So we are doing the best we can considering we aren't 'paid professionals'.

We only want positive, FUN, friendly people who want to be social to be in this group. Being a bit shy or introverted at first is totally fine! We love helping you to become more comfortable socially by hanging out with us all and meeting new friends :)

Whiners/whingers/complainers/aggressive people/creepers etc however are not welcome in this group! We WILL NOT tolerate any abusive behaviour or harassment of our team, our members, or the people or staff at the events/venues we attend, and any offenders will be immediately removed from the group.

Venues always have final say on entry requirements at their premises. Please always be kind, courteous and respectful of our team and the other members and you will have a fantastic time in this group, like so many others have too! :)

Sound good?

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