Mobilizing Smart Contracts | Xamarin.Forms++ with Forms9Patch Gone Open Source

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Two awesome sessions for our June Meetup!

Mobilizing Smart Contracts with Ethereum and Xamarin - Ben Ishiyama-Levy

Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies are fostering a transformation that enables businesses to become leaner, provides access to a new generation of services to consumers while providing an unequaled security assurance.

In 2018, nearly 80% of internet usage will be mobile, and native applications will likely drive Blockchain powered platforms on iOS, Android, Windows Universal Platform and MacOS and the cost of delivering for each platform are substantial.

Building a Blockchain enabled cross-platform application with Xamarin allows businesses to build intuitive and compelling native apps in half the time it would take to develop on each platform independently, maximizing long-term ROI on mobile applications.

Xamarin.Forms++ with Forms9Patch Gone Open Source - Ben Askren
Ben will talk about bringing the must-have tool for serious Xamarin.Forms Development to open source. Demos on some of the features such as :
- Patch Scalable images
- PCL and SharedLibrary, multi-screen / multi-resolution image management
- SVG images
- Tiled image
- HTML formatted text for labels and buttons
- Popups: Modal, Bubble, Progress, Menu, etc.
- PCL and SharedLibrary custom font management
- Hardware keyboard key capture
- Advanced gestures: Up, Down, Long Press, Swipe, etc.