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Hey, do you want to learn programming? Start with Python!

Python is an easy language for beginners to start with. When you are able to grasp the concepts in Python, picking up other programming languages will be much simpler!

[Please bring your own laptop and install Thonny software (https://thonny.org) before the workshop. RSVP at WWW.UPCODEACADEMY.COM to reserve a seat. Seats will be held for you till 7.40pm. Thereafter, seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.]

Our Instructor:
Winson graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a BSc in Applied Physics. He is experienced in robotics engineering, where he worked on image processing and recognition, and built a motion control framework and user interface. Through his career in Accenture and NCS, Winson is proficient in building products with the agile development framework. He is also skilled in working with .Net applications and building projects with Selenium libraries for Python.