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This is a group for individuals looking to socialize, do fun things, and find new friends. Let's increase our social circle, social activities and explore LA while maybe meeting that special someone! Let's have costume parties, wine tasting trips, weekend getaways, social events, pool parties, hikes, camping trips, and many more.

"If you want to host events, please let us know!"

If you are new in town or just looking to make more friends, join us! If you have suggestions for fun meetup events, please contact the organizer. :)

We area also planning events like cruises, paintball outings, snowboarding trips and more. Let's enjoy the best time of our life together! :)

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This a "Reverse Scavenger Hunt" OR . . . to get nice and twisted about it

And even more perversely reversed . . . TИUH ЯƎӘИƎVAƆƧ ƎƧЯƎVƎЯ

Now that you are completely confustulated from all the wonky letters . . .

The reality is it's just a whole damn lot of fun no matter what it's called or how it's spelled.

The origin is based off a Summer Camp Game called a "Dutch Auction" (you can google this, I am not making it up). It's not an auction, and it's also not Dutch either.

We are taking this OnLine and for adults. . .. Think of our event a Summer Camp For Adults. This event is for all the folks that want to get out and feel some element of normal again . . . but can't. AND it is Safe 'n' Online . . . BUT is it NOT like your normal zoom. After all . . . it's all reversed, upside-down and backwards. Y'know . . .what the last two years have been.

We have done this twice on the group before since the pandemic and it's over the top fun. We don't do it often . . . When we do . . . it's not to miss.

Everything you need to play and participate is in your home or imagination.

*You will be broken into teams. (it's more fun that way)
*Each team will then be asked for an item.
*Each team will then have a set amount of time to root through your own home to find it and bring it back. Or you might just take the computer or phone with you on the hunt and cut out the bringing back part.
*If multiple people on the team bring it back that's extra points.
**Bonus Points will be given for creativity.
***Negative Points given when you argue with the points giver.
****Bonus Points given for chicanery

Either way . . . when time is up then points are given for that round. And we move to the next (after suitable laughter too).

After all the rounds are done . . .
We count points up and there will be prizes for the winners (we will show the prizes before we start).




Team with most points will win $5 Gift Card to your choice of Amazon, Starbucks, Big Lots, Goodwill etc . . . (for each team member to 5 of ya)
AND The winning team will recieve ONE comp to our Wine Trip. Amongst yourselves you can divide it how you wish (those who would not want to go can hand it off to those that do). So you your other team members give you thiers . . .you go for free. Or worst case you get about $42 off.
That's not so bad for a free night of having fun. If you are not into wine or our wine trip? Come for bragging rights when you win.

And you will have a $h*t ton of fun too.

Links to the wine trips at the bottom

This event has a 100% guarantee of fun. IF you have NO FUN . . . we will re-fun you.

Come and meet some fab people and laugh with (or at) them.

Our normal monthly New Member Mixer on pause due to Pandemic.

Paird with this evnet is ALSO a REVERSE WINE TASTING.
Very simple. We call come to the table or screen with whatever we have at home. AND we take turns. You share what you have and give a taste and share what notes tickle your senses.

6 to 7 PM Open arrival and schmooze and talk and chat. Pre-Tasting
10 to 11PM is the Wine Down with more open schmooze, talk and chat.

This is all "perfect world" schedule. The reality is will have to take about 10 mins to corral y'all to some semblance of order at one time or another.

Then we will start the game and all order will be forsaken.

And then when we blackmail and bribe with points . . . things will get back into line.

Again . . . Thinks of this as Summer Camp for Adults.

This will be super fun and super special.

What do I need to do to Attned?

FIRST you need to RSVP here on this event you are reading,
AND it is recomended you RSVP the main event location

SECOND you NEED to fill out our Google Form. https://forms.gle/SdH7CdQsWzWNVKYr5 We will email you the zoom info the day of the event and event reminder.
The other thing this does is we do NOT get zoom bombers and zoom crashers. And if we do . . . we know who they are so we can make sure they do not crash us again.

Repeat . . . you NEED to fill out our Google Form to attend

Link Central
Main event location of Reverse Scavenger Hunt

To See All Our Events

To Send A Direct Message https://secure.meetup.com/messages/?new_convo=true&member_id=273063881

Paso Robles Wine Tour & Tasting Sat Sat Feb 26 https://www.meetup.com/CulturalArts/events/283214842/

Lompoc Wine Ghetto Tour & Tasting Sat Mar 19 https://www.meetup.com/CulturalArts/events/283214862/

Napa Wine Wine Tour & Tasting Sat Sat Mar 26 https://www.meetup.com/CulturalArts/events/283214862/

`Spring in Sequoia National Park. Camping, Hiking W/ Optional Whitewater Rafting

Sequoia in Spring could not be better! Waterfalls flowing. Lush forest with snow still on the ground at elevation.

Our campsite is at low elevation. So it will be warmer nights, and then great temperatures in the day in the park out in the sun.

The really great thing is we will not have to worry of fires and any of the late season problems being all dry.

The river will be full, AND OUR SITE IS RIGHT ON THE RIVER!!

We will have Optional River Rafting!

We have have riverfront sties Even with a beach!

All restrooms are flush toilets and NOT pit/septic toilets. We will also have free hot showers available.

*Sites are on grass.

*Plenty of shade.

* located close to (food) stores and restaurants so you do not need to totally rough it if the mood does not strike you.

Grant's Grove.
the groves
Crescent Meadow.
Stunning waterfalls of Tokopah Falls
Grizzly Falls
Roaring River Falls
Mist Falls.

Having the site longer makes it a more leisure weekend.

Cost per person:
Camping for 2 or 3 nights is $124.99 Per Person

OK . . . Tell me about food and everything else. What's included?
The logistics of us providing food (as well as food prep issues with Covid) are just not feasible or safe.
Due to varied dietary needs, and food contact issues, it's better if bring what you like and prep it. There will be grills available.
BUT there are also local options. No need to cook too much if you don't want to.
Firewood: We will provide a bundle of firewood to start. If you want a super roaring fire you can pickup some extra at the small store.

Kids? Sure. If under 18 they are at no charge.

How do I pay?
Cost per person: Camping for 2 or 3 nights is $124.99 Per Person

What if I have a +1 or +whatever? Cost is Per Person. Just do the payment link a 2nd or 3rd time. IF under 18 free.

What if I stay two nights. Is it less? No. You can stay as late as you want on Sunday before packing up. It gives us flexibility.

Refund if requested 2 weeks before event start. If less than 2 weeks: 100% Full Credit be applied to ANY future event we run.

Are you frustrated with "surveys" that organizers have you fill out so they can discriminate? Are they even proud of discriminating and proclaim it by saying they pick and choose and exclude? The proclaim they are the bouncer at the door to keep out who they wish to exclude. Discrimination is not something to be proud of or to proclaim as a good thing. Do not support discrimination in any way, or for any reason.

We do NOT discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, or even for belly button lint.
*ASL interpret is available
*Certified Wilderness First Responder
*Certified Wilderness First Aid
*We do also carry required insurance

Questions? Comments ? Issues? Message direct

Friday - Flexible arrival time.

Sat -
8:00am to 5:00pm Fun in the park.

Those that are rafting will do that. Rafting is optional and does cost extra. However they discount for us. You pay the Rafting Company directly when there.
Those who are not Rafting will go back into the park for the day and head home when wish.

Want to stay till Monday? No Prob. It's already included.

Pix from last time https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/photos/all_photos/?photoAlbumId=31239259
We create and promote a safe and fun environment for all.

Our events go to quality sites with amenities, great hikes & adventures that are safe and fun. We welcome all, and that includes you!

Be part of the fun. Come join us on an adventure.

Fill out this from to stay in the loop, or to RSVP to our other events https://forms.gle/7LktppE3Uqo67XSs

To join in on our other events https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/join/ events/

Everest Base Camp!!!! Nepal Trip!!! OMG your bucket list fulfilled!!!!

Los Angeles International Airport

The "land portion" of this trip starts in Kathmandu on Apr 18, but if you are taking our pre-arranged flight from Los Angeles, we depart on Apr 16. The return flight comes back to LAX on May 03.

This is definitely a bucket list type of trip. It embodies adventure and the romance of traveling to far off places. It is also tempered with safety and do-ability.

First of all. . . this is NOT going up to the top of Everest (29,000). This is going to Everest Base Camp (17,600) also called EBC. Our starting elevation will be in Lukla at 9,400'.
The truth is if you can manage walking 3-6 hours a day, up and down a hill, while carrying a light backpack, you will be OK!
Professional guides and Porters to carry your gear are included. All that is left for you to carry is your water, snacks and camera.

But I don't have the needed gear?!
Our trip includes providing you with a North Face sleeping bag and parka, rated to -4F. As well as walking poles. So you don't have to buy them or pack in your suitcase.

Does this include food?
Yes. All meals are included.

What is lodging like?
We are sleeping in a series of "Tea Houses" along the route. You will have bed in a shared room with roommate (from the group). Sorry, a solo room will not be available on this trip. We will pair up everybody.

How dangerous is this? What if I get sick or hurt?
This is NOT the summiting Everest with people dying from bad choices. We will be walking on an established, well used trail the entire time, and NOT on snow or ice. Stats from past years show that 30,000 people a year do the EBC trek. With all that said, . . . Our trip INCLUDES emergency insurance. For instance: this will cover a helicopter if needed. We are also Certified Wilderness First Responders.

Plain and simple, safety is our primary goal. We will have an experienced guide and porters, and we will be along the entire way too.

How much does this cost?

INCLUDING AIR departing from LA the TOTAL cost is:
18 days for ONLY $3,780

If you want a breakdown to try and find a better flight, OR if you wish to use miles, OR if you wish to upgrade your flight, OR you are not flying out of LA:

Everest Base Camp Trip $2,390 (15 Day, land only)
The (group) air portion $1,390 (departure LA)

A Refundable Deposit of $250 to hold your space. Balance due by Feb 18, 2022.
Here is a secure link for deposit: https://py.pl/rCXge

If you wish more information, please fill out this form:

Apr 16: Depart 6:30PM
Apr 17: Flight time across time zones
Apr 18: Arrival in Kathmandu 10:30 AM(4,377') Night at hotel
Apr 19: Scenic flight to Lukla (9,383')(45 minutes) and trek to Phakding (8700/4-5 hrs/5mi
Apr 20: Trek to Namche Bazar (11,286'/5-6 hrs/6.2mi)
Apr 21: Acclimatization day. Day Hike to Syanboche (12,575')
Apr 22: Trek to Tengboche (12,664'/5-6 hrs/6.2mi)
Apr 23: Trek to Dingboche (14,469'/5-6 hrs/5mi)
Apr 24: Acclimatization day. Day Hike to Nagarjun Hills (16,676'/2 hrs)
Apr 25: Trek to Lobuche (16,207'/ 5-6 hrs trekking/4.4mi)
Apr 26: Lobuche to Gorakshep (16,942')- Everest Base Camp (17,600') (Everest summit is 29,029') and trek back to Gorakshep (7-8 hrs/9.3mi)
Apr 27: Gorakshep to Kalapathar (18,514') and trek to Pheriche (14,340'/ 6-7 hrs/9.3mi)
Apr 28: Trek back to Namche Bazar (11,286'/5-6 hrs/9.3mi)
Apr 29: Trek to Lukla (9,383'/6-7 hrs trek/5.6mi)
Apr 30: Scenic Flight back to Kathmandu (45 minutes flight). Last minute shopping
May 1: Contingency Day
May 2: Drive to Kathmandu airport (20-30 minutes’ drive) and fly back to the home.
May 3: Arrive LAX Approx 5PM

This is the adventure of a lifetime!
It is done in a safe manner and includes lots with no surprises.

For a compete list of what is included, and what is not included AND/OR for a Detailed Daily Itinerary, fill this out: https://forms.gle/pVEiWr25G9DM5nPM6

OR Message Anna with your email address and questions. https://secure.meetup.com/messages/?new_convo=true&member_id=131297062

Bucket List SPAIN w/Running of the Bulls!!! Barcelona/Valencia/Madrid/Bilbao

Los Angeles International Airport

Spain is truly a magical and fascinating country! And we get to travel in it as locals AND at the best time of year to be able to experience in person The Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona.

San Sebastian

In Barcelona there is everything Gaudi and Picasso, and the trip only gets better from there!

Guided tours in each city, at least one meal a day, museum entrances, Running of the Bulls w/balcony view and much more!

Many other options and extras are included. We travel as a group, and also have the flexibility of hop-on, hop-off tours and museum passes with "skip the line" so you enjoy a complete independence. You are free to do your own thing, cater to your special interests, visit other sights and locations in the cities, while still being guided and aided with arrangements. You can do it independently, or you can join new friends traveling with you, and do it together. The idea is come alone, meet new like-minded people and make lifelong memories, without the "one size fits all" tour formula.

EVERY aspect of this trip is well though out. We visit picturesque storied cities, and fully immerse in the Spanish culture, history and way of life

Day 1 The earlier you arrive the more time you will have in Barcelona this day. Sunset walking tour. Welcome Dinner

Day 2 Full Day Barcelona. Includes 3-day Barcelona Card: Free admission to museums, attractions and guided tours

Day 3 Wed Full Day Barcelona. More tours, sights and culture
Preferred entry to Sagrada Familia with Guided Tour
Gran Gala Flamenco Performance

Day 4 Barcelona/Valencia (via train) Half Day in Valencia

Day 5 Valencia/Madrid (via train) Half Day in Valencia and Madrid

Day 6 Full day Madrid
Hop-On/Off Tour
A day for exploring and shopping
Madrid Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour Dinner included

Day 7 Madrid/Bilbao (via air)
Skip the Line: Prado Museum Tour in Madrid
Almost a full day Madrid with evening flight to Bilbao

Day 8 Full Day Bilbao
Guggenheim Museum tour. Dinner included during Authentic Bilbao food tour.

Day 9 Bilbao/San Sebastian (train)

Day 10 Full Day San Sebastian
A day for exploring and shopping. Dinner included at an authentic Basque Restaurant

Day 11 San Sebastian/Pamplona (via train)
Half day in San Sebastian and Pamplona

Day 12 Full day in Pamplona Running of the Bulls WITH Reserved Balcony for viewing

Day 13 Flight back home

* 12 nights in First Class, centrally located hotels
* Transfers Airport/Hotels/Train Stations
* Transportation between the cities by train or air
* Daily breakfast and at least 4 dinners
* Tours, museum visits, Flamenco show, tapa and wine tasting, Pamplona Balcony and more

Total cost per person, double occupancy: $[masked] (we match roommates for those wishing to share):
Cost for solo room: $[masked]
AIRFARE NOT INCLUDED. Contact the organizers for a quote.

The only way to secure your spot is a $500 deposit
Secure Deposit Link: https://www.paypal.com/instantcommerce/checkout/TL3CB3BJL7MNA
Fill this out if you are making a deposit https://forms.gle/pVEiWr25G9DM5nPM6

Deposit is fully refundable up to 90 days before the departure (less PayPal fees)
Final payment due 60 days before departure

Do you have questions? We lead a Q&A Zoom every other Wed

Limited capacity of 24 total. This trip will fill up extremely quickly.

Links Central:
Event Info Request Form https://forms.gle/pVEiWr25G9DM5nPM6
Main Event Location https://www.meetup.com/TheBucketList/events/282538601/
Secure Deposit Link: https://www.paypal.com/instantcommerce/checkout/TL3CB3BJL7MNA
To Message questions https://secure.meetup.com/messages/?new_convo=true&member_id=131297062
Wednesday Overseas Q&A Zoom https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/282137223/
Wednesday Art Zoom

To see our other fun events https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/join /events

Live the adventure instead of only dreaming it!


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