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Sketchnoting Practice : Round 6

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Kate R.


It's time for Sketchnote practice...romance is in the air, so come to the meetup and fall in love with a new sketchnoting technique!

At this meetup we'll practice lettering and images in a series of Rapid Rounds, then jump into sketchnoting a talk (Maybe a TED talk, maybe something else new & exciting.)

After that we'll share our work and offer constructive critique.

All skill levels welcome; come to the meetup to take your sketchnoting skills to the next level.

:: Here's the plan ::

• Welcome, get to know each other & setup [6:30-6:45ish]

• Warm-up/rapid rounds (quick 2-5 min practice sessions on lettering, pictures and concepts)

• Quick critique of work

• Long session, sketchnote a presentation talk (~15 min + 5 min to finish up)

• Maybe a second session if there's time.

• Gallery of sketchnotes & open critique (15-20 min)

• Wrap-up, feedback & what to do next time

:: What to bring ::

Please bring your own materials for sketchnoting: paper or journal (moleskine is great) and pens.

Please come prepared with your own snack or drink so you don't pass out from low blood sugar. :)

It's going to be fun. If you have questions or ideas to share, post 'em here on the meetup site.

1355 Market Street, Suite 488 · San Francisco, CA