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Fifth Annual Pocaterra Ridge - North to South (T4)
As per Mike Potter "This is an enjoyable ridge walk among rugged peaks, one whose easy access seems out of proportion to its scenic rewards ( which include golden larches in autumn.)" Event Type: Ridge Hike from N - S (don't want it to be too enjoyable or easy). GROUP SIZE: <21 NOTE: We use a program that alerts us to double booking on meetup. If I get an alert I will take you off the hike. Trip Description: Weather forecast: Alberta mountain weather may alter this trip length and elevation. At this time of year it could be 30C or it could snow on us. Be prepared. Distance: <11 kms (one way) 4 peaks. Drivers will shuttle cars to South end at Highwood Pass. Elevation Gain: depends on who you read or trust. Four different versions considering a N to S or S to N: a)550m gain/ 875 loss; b) 460 m; c) 1036m; d) 785m. Physical Difficulty: moderate Event Pace: Steady and not so slow or as fast as the slowest one of us. Time: 5 - 8 Hrs on trail 3hrs driving. Group size: ~20 Required Gear : Backpack, sturdy hiking boots, layered clothing with waterproof shell, mitts/gloves, , personal first aid kit, , Hydration - minimum 2L water; fuel - lunch/snack Suggested Gear: Hiking poles, gaiters, toque, camera, headlamp, extra batteries. Gas Fee will be $20.00 per passenger for this trip. No Guests everyone must sign-up. Once you answered all questions, you'll be placed on a waiting list until approval from your event hosts. I will NOT proceed in order and only pick qualified persons. Your Event Host reserves the right to remove member as he sees fit without prior notice for the safety and comfort of the group. If I'm not familiar with your hiking history I will be contacting you. Also, when you RSVP please include your real name and a photo of yourself or you will be moved to the waiting list. Trip will have a limit of participants! We use a program that alerts us to double booking on meetup. If I get an alert I will take you off the hike. Waivers: As per the new policy for waivers, you will be requested to sign the waiver form which will be with me at both the Calgary Meetup location and the trailhead. You are required to read the Slow and Steady Hiker Club Waiver: You must sign it before you will be allowed to go on this event. You will also be asked for the name and phone number of an emergency contact. Please come prepared with this information. Disclaimer:You are fully aware that organizers are not professional guides and you assume all responsibility for your safety and well-being. All participants are responsible for assessing the current road conditions, current weather conditions, your current physical condition, current trail conditions and current avalanche conditions for the trip and you are responsible for your safety and well-being. You are fully prepared with proper gear and you're physically fit to do this hike with the group. You are fully aware that your hosts are volunteers and not trained guides and you assume all responsibility for your own safety and well-being. Paraphrased Disclaimer: "I am not the leader and am merely advising of an opportunity to participate with others who may or may not be serious hikers in the above noted "hike". Although I am familiar with this trail that means nothing. It may be dark, cold, wet, muddy, hot, freezing and windy during the hike and the only fun may be in seeing others suffer. Any photos taken during the run may be published or shared with others regardless of how they make you appear. I am not insured nor do I carry any insurance for losses, injuries or deaths that may occur as a result of or while you are participating in this hike. While can read maps and my own navigation gizmos like others I can get confused as to where I am. As I work out so that these hikes are enjoyable I am not strong enough or brave enough to defend or protect myself or anyone else from potential attack from wild or domesticated animals. Although I carry bear spray, you may inadvertently get sprayed if the wind or panic sets in. I can only and will only carry enough food, water, clothing, or lighting for my own needs. The people who will be hiking with you may be hazardous to your health. The trails we will be on may be hazardous to you. You may be exposed to other hazards - natural, unnatural, supernatural or any combination thereof, and your participation in this hike is wholly voluntary and at your own discretion and risk. You are responsible for your own health and well-being. You are over the age of 18 and of sound mind and body. You are a superbly conditioned athlete capable of feats that most mortals would not consider. The location, distances, times, directions, elevations, trail conditions, water crossings and any pertinent details about the hike are estimates only and may or may not be real, factual or in any way correct. Your having read this disclaimer and still showing up for the hike will be taken as your consent, acknowledgement and acceptance of all of the above risks, terms and conditions. " It was my understanding that the original was by a Hugh Magill.

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How many times have you seen hiking clubs where if you're not a super fast uber- hiker they don't want you going on any harder hikes or scrambles. They believe that if you are slower you should only stick to the easier stuff. Boring!! This is a club for those of us who still wish to do all styles of hiking from easy walks to scrambles. We just don't feel the need to make a "mad dash" for a summit or to finish a trail in record time. Hiking and being in the outdoors is meant to be an enjoyable activity for all of us. Slow and Steady is about hiking at a consistent, manageable pace -- which may vary from slow to moderate depending on the organizer -- and finishing the hike or scrambling to a summit together. If this is more your style and wish to meet like minded hikers please consider joining our club. We will be doing all kinds of summer and winter activities such as day hikes, scrambles, backpacking trips, XC skiing, snowshoe trips, downhill ski trips and any other outdoor related activity. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Lets all enjoy the great outdoors together. Just in a more relaxed pace.

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