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Read the entire hike posting. Every. Single. Word. I don't mind answering questions, as long as they aren't already answered in the hike posting.

Be willing to hike at the pace of the slowest. Leave your long sighs, eye-rolls and impatience at home, please and thank you. Those of us who actually are slow hikers will appreciate it. :-)

Trail distance and elevation: 3.8km return, 175 m elevation gain. Could take between 2-3 hours to do, as we'll be taking it easy, taking lots of time for photos.

Details about the trail: This is from my Gemtrek Map: “This popular trail ascends through forest to two crystal clear turquois ponds. Highlights along the way include wildflowers, waterfalls and stunning view of Canmore... The first km is a gentle ascent on a softly carpeted path leading to a lovely view of a waterfall and Ha Ling Peak. The next section of trail to the lake is steeper; however, beautifully crafted rock stairs make it easily manageable. As you approach the end of the trail, you cross a bridge over an outlet stream. The trail then swings right or southwest, delivering you to twin lakes nestled under the cliffs.”

I plan on stopping there, however, if anyone would like to try it, there is a short scramble above the second lake that takes you to a canyon and a petroglyph on a large boulder. The rest of the group will wait by the lakes until we're all together again for the return.

Meetup Location: Transit Users: I can take three passengers with me from Heritage LRT Station. Please reply to the post on the Message Board below. Look for a Light Blue Dodge Caravan parked close to the station building. Vehicle Drivers: You can drive yourself to the trailhead, or use the Message Board below to arrange yourselves in car pooling groups, from whatever location you wish.

Trailhead: Grassi Lakes Parking Lot. Drive west on Canmore's Main (8th) Street, turn left (south) onto 8th Avenue and follow the signs toward the Canmore Nordic Centre. Continue 1.1km past the turn-off to the Nordic Centre, and turn left (southwest) at the Grassi Lakes sign. Follow this road 0.5km to the signed trailhear on your right.

Hiking Pace: We will be hiking to the pace of the slowest person in the group. My definition of hiking to the pace of the slowest is the slowest hiker is at the front of the group, and sets the pace for everyone. This is for the safety, health and enjoyment of all hikers. We will be stopping for great views, photos, rest breaks, and the occasional head count. Remember, it doesn't matter how slow you're going, you're still going faster than the folks sitting at home on the couch.

Hiker requirements: Healthy enough to complete the hike (this includes carrying your own gear – there are no sherpas on my hikes!), good sense of humor, and a desire to explore the natural environment.

Gear requirements: Hiking shoes/boots are always best, and be prepared for changes in weather. Always be prepared with sunscreen, bug spray, personal medications (if needed), personal-sized first aid kit. Water: I typically take at least 2 liters on any hike. Better to have too much, than run out in the middle of the hike. If you have them, bring bear spray and/or bear bangers and carry them on the outside of your pack. Snacks/lunch. Camera, small binoculars if you have them.

Passenger gas share:
$15.00 Please note this is per person, and in cash. No park pass required.

Start and return time:
leave Calgary 9:00 am, be at the trailhead by 10:30 am. Depending on whether anyone tries the scramble, we could be off the trail as early as 1pm, or as late as 2:30-3:00 pm.

Post-Hike Snack/Treats: There seems to be several coffee/bakery type places along Canmore's Main (8th) Street, I would suggest we head for that area for a post-hike snack. I'll bring a list of possibilities. If you don't wish to stop, please drive yourself to the hike.

I will check the Meetup site for this hike in the early morning of the hike, in case anyone has any last minute messages.

Who can attend: No dogs please. No children. No guests - must be a member to attend.

Waivers: As per the new policy for waivers, I will bring the group waiver form with me to the trailhead. You must sign it before you will be allowed to go on this hike. You will also be asked for the name and phone number of an emergency contact. Please come prepared with this information.

You are fully aware that organizers are not professional guides and you assume all responsibility for your safety and well-being. You are fully prepared with proper gear and you're physically fit to do this hike with the group.