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New! Be a guest on a SPECIAL EDITION, first step towards joining a Go+Group.

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We'll set a day and time for your SPECIAL EDITION in your pre-show interview, this is only a suggested time. RSVP and we'll call you to set a time or contact us (see below.) Right now we are also recruiting leaders for free and fee-based groups.

Whether you're just joining a group or you want to be a leader, the first step in either case is to be a guest on a SPECIAL EDITION of The Startup Show.

Here's how Go+Groups works:

1) First you are the guest on a SPECIAL EDITION of The Startup Show. (see above.) We find out who you are, what you see ahead for yourself, and what would be helpful to you now. Based on this,

2) Your group is formed, with a facilitator (could be you soon, for now John Wren), and three peer members who are mutually acceptable to each other. You'll know who is going to be in your group and you'll see a video of them before your initial online meeting.

3) Your group meets online with your facilitator to make final arrangements. You will have been placed together because of similar interests and meeting requirements, but at this first meeting you'll come to a common understanding of certain group policies/expectations. The session will be recorded for future reference.

Your group will decide whether you'll meet face-to-face (only in metro-Denver for now) and if so, where? Or do you prefer to meet online? If online, you'll decide how you'd prefer to meet, via telephone teleconference, Google+ Hangout, Skype, or some other method. Do you want to make an initial 4 or 6 week commitment to each other? Are you open to meeting beyond that with or without a facilitator? For this initial commitment do you want the group to be facilitated at each weekly meeting, or would you prefer it be self-directed? What are your expectations of the facilitator, and what can he or she expect from you and the group?

To start the process you'll do a pre-show interview with John Wren or his assistant, all your questions will be answered, and a time set for your SPECIAL EDITION of The Startup Show.

If you are serious about starting in a new direction with your career RSVP here right now or call John Wren [masked] to take a closer look at this powerful method to get started in a new direction with your work.

There is no risk to you. If you don't like what you see at any point, you are under no obligation to continue until you and your peers have met together with your facilitator and made arrangements for your new Go+Group.

Not sure? Have questions? Contact John Wren at [masked] or [masked]. This is a new program, so if anything is unclear, or if you have suggestions about what would make this work better for you, your call will be especially welcome. Call now, the voice mail is confidential, leave as long of a message as you'd like, your'll get a return call as soon as possible.

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