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SmashingConf SF Warm-Up Party

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SmashingConf SF Warm-Up Party


This is a group for those attending SmashingConf San Francisco! The night before the conference kicks off, we’re hosting Warm-Up Party with our dear friends at Mozilla & Shopify, with a few snacks, drinks and micro talks from your fellow attendees! We hope you’ll join us to connect with each other ahead of the main event!


6:00 PM Doors Open: Networking & Drinks

6:30 PM Welcome by Shopify's Tiffany Tse

6:45 PM Creative Design with CSS Shapes and Clip-Path by Mandy Michael
Css is amazing right now, we finally have enough tools to combine, create and present content on the web in more creative, more meaningful and more purposeful ways. Designs which would previously have been a heavy burden on performance, or simply impossible due to the technical limitations are now completely possible. We can embrace the learnings, the growth of print design, but also benefit from the flexibility and interactive nature of the web. We'll focus on clip-path and CSS shapes, and learn how we can combine these techniques to change the way we design for the web.

7:00 PM Building Accessible Experiences by Tiffany Tse
An online store must meet the needs of its shoppers. However, building accessible websites and applications doesn’t mean having to compromise on the design or the end-user experience. This session will focus on how we at Shopify began to audit the accessibility of our themes, and how building accessible experiences can improve the overall user-experience of your projects.

7:15 PM The Power Of Code–based Design by Marcin Treder
Marcin is going to show how code-based design workflow can bring a super speed and efficiency to the life of every designer.

7:30 PM Axe-Pro: A New Kind of Accessibility Tool by April Ellsey
Learn about a new accessibility tool from the makers of axe. Axe-pro equips dev teams with tools to perform more advanced accessibility testing without requiring special expertise. April Ellsey, the axe-pro product manager, will be there to show you axe-pro in action, and to let you know how you can join our axe-pro beta program.

8:00 PM Scroll up! Scroll up! A tale of animating over 10,000 data points by Becky Rush
The BBC News Visual Journalism team recently experimented with ‘scrollytelling’ when visualising the gender pay gap in the UK. This is the story of how one developer, with an amazing team, attempted to render and animate over 10,000 dots - whilst maintaining focus on accessibility and cross browser compatibility - in just a few short weeks.

8:15 PM What's New at Mozilla by Ali Spivak
Get a quick overview of what we're working on at Mozilla - from new Firefox releases to WASI & a lot more!

9:00pm Networking + Goodies + Refreshments thanks to our dear friends at Shopify :)


If you’d like to speak, email Mariona ( to tell her what you’re working on, a great lesson you learned from a certain client experience, your favorite front end tips, or just some great life hacks that are super charging your workflow.
Mozilla San Francisco
2 Harrison St #175 · San Francisco, CA
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