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Greetings! Welcome to Active Lifestyle Nerds (ALN), the friendliest Meetup group in San Diego. We strive towards building a safe and social community of active nerds. We understand how difficult it is for a nerd to get out of their home and meet new people. We understand that many of you out there don’t even consider yourselves nerds, because the word “nerd” still has negative connotations. We are trying to change that. ALN bridges that gap and creates a welcoming environment, where we can all bask in our nerd glory – judgement free. Let’s face it, the average person in a bar, club, or other common area where people socialize, often lacks the level of nerdism needed to have a good Fire Fly conversation or a discussion of “who shot first” (it was definitely Han Solo, folks). Our organization has 20 coordinators, allowing for a multitude of diverse social events. We offer board game nights, brewery and wine tastings, ultimate Frisbee and kickball, book clubs, hiking, bar hopping, networking, movie outings, and much more. It is here that nerds can make friends, form bonds, and thrive in a community that accepts them for who they are. For who you are. Our group was founded in 2012, and have grown since then into a family over 7000 strong!

Come have new adventures and meet new friends at ALN!

Stay active, stay nerdy.

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Upcoming events (4+)

Studio Ghibli Festival - The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Needs a location

Let’s go see Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata’s last movie about the classic Japanese folktale - The Bamboo Princess. Movie will be in Japanese with English subtitles. Tickets are $15.

6:10pm - meet outside the entrance to the theater so we can buy our tickets for the 7:00 show and grab a quick bite beforehand. We can either eat the food there in the theater or go to one of the places nearby. I think there’s still a sushi place and a Chick Fil-A.

7:00pm - movie starts. Afterwards we can meet in the lobby and talk about it.

See link below for details on the movie and other Studio Ghibli movies playing in the month of August at the Angelika.


Hope you can make it!

Mission Trails - Guided Nature Walk from Kumeyaay Lake Campground (Santee)

Please see uploaded map/photo for parking and meetup spot locations -- the pink Xs are parking lots, the green X is our meeting spot (Lake Campground Entry Station).

We'll meet at the Lake Campground Entry Station (10288 Bushy Hill Dr, Santee CA) at 8:15am to introduce ourselves. The guided walk is scheduled to start at 8:30am.

This will be more mellow and flat than other hikes available at MTRP but it is still advisable to wear/bring what you typically would on a hike: sturdy hiking shoes, water, a hat, and sunscreen.

Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) offers free guided nature walks throughout the month. They give us a chance to learn more about our local environment and explore the park.

Check out MTRP's event description below for more details:

"Join an MTRP Trail Guide on a guided nature walk and learn about the plants, animals, geology, history, and ecology of the park. Explore the park’s east side on the Grasslands Trail, which leads to a Kumeyaay grinding rocks site and the picturesque Old Mission Dam overlook. Walks may include a visit to the lush riparian habitat of the Kumeyaay Lake shoreline, or a portion of scenic Oak Canyon, or the historic Old Mission Dam. These interpretive nature walks are offered to enhance your appreciation of the unique beauty of San Diego’s natural environment. The park is constantly changing, so see and learn new things on walks throughout the year. Walks start from the Kumeyaay Lake Campground Entry Station on the second and fourth Saturday of every month at 8:30 a.m. Walks are free and open to the public, with no reservations required. The trails used are easy, but have uneven surfaces and some involve steps, so be sure to wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes and bring along water. A hat and sunscreen are also recommended. Walks are canceled if raining."

North Park Brewery Crawl

Needs a location

Time for another brewery crawl! This time we're returning to North Park area! There are some new places to check out!

We'll meet at Pure Project brewing and then head east along El Cajon Blvd. and then south down 30th Street. Tentative current plan:

1:00 - Meet at Pure Project

1:45 - Seek Beer Co.

2:30 - Belching Beaver

3:15 - Rip Current

4:00 - North Park Beer Co.

5:00 - Rouleur Brewing Co.

Times are approximate, and there are a few other breweries on our route, so we may be able to fit in a side stop or two. We'll likely split into a couple groups for walking between the breweries and I'll post our location throughout. Feel free to join us part way through!

Other important info: Rip Current and North Park have food for sure, others may have food trucks. The route is all easy walking distance, and we encourage everyone to get a ride or take public transit to get there. Also please stay hydrated and ensure we are respectful of all the venues. Most places are a mix of inside and outside. Recommend being prepared with sunscreen, hat, etc. for when outside.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Nerdy Kickball is back!! (North Park)

Needs a location

Let's play kickball! The first game will begin at 11:00 AM (we usually play between 2-3 games) and are finished by 1pm. This is a kid-friendly event. That being said, please enjoy the kickball games with a non-competitive mindset. All skill levels are welcome. We are all here to relax and have fun! Please post on the event page if you can't find us. I'll have my phone with me to help if you need. Comfortable athletic shoes, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. are recommended.

Rules: Similar to softball, but with a few modifications: 1. No stealing or leading off 2. 3 fouls is a strike-out 3. No bunting 4. You must tag up before you leave your base in the case of a pop-up 5. Pegging is allowed, but must be below the neck 6. Runner gets to advance one extra base in the case of an error (someone misses a peg and ball goes out of play)

Those who have been vaccinated are not required to wear masks, but please if you become sick on the day of event, stay home. Make sure to keep your RSVPs up to date in case there is a waitlist.

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Wino Sunday: Vertical Tasting

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