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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition! I have a 5 page world summary that I can send to people via email upon request (don't want to put that much reading on here). Brief summary listed below.

The standard planes of existence do not exist in the world I've created. The realms that exist are the Ascendance and the 3 worlds. The worlds are Dre'ak, Oshar, & Riet. Physically, the worlds are the same, though different nations exist.

3 eons before the campaign starts, emperor Corganus from the world of Riet began a military conquest of all of the nations of Riet and Oshar. The nations of Dre'ak managed to push the armies back and seal the gates to the other worlds with magic. The nations of Dre'ak, however, betrayed the mages that created the seals and killed them. This began a dark time where anything even remotely magical was hunted and destroyed. Dre'ak continued to thrive and replaced magic with technology. The nations of old fell and new ones rose in their places.

1 century before the campaign, Boccob manifested on Dre'ak to reintroduce magic. The twelve schools of magic were established and it appeared that the world was back on track. Despite being re-established in the world, magic is little understood and it's users having reactions ranging from mistrust to outright hostility.

2 years prior to the campaign, the nation of Feroste was plunged into civil war. The nation of Feroste is run as a Theocracy. 4 main religions are recognized in Feroste: Pelor, Nerull, Fharlanghn, and Altua. The government is ruled by the Council consisting of the high priest and priestess of each faith and the Councilor whom is a high priest or priestess of a faith not of Feroste. The Councilor was asassinated and the churches are laying blame. Your characters were stuck in Feroste with the outbreak of the war and collapse of trade outside of the nation. You have been wandering around Feroste providing whatever services you can to the people in exchange for food and shelter. You now find yourself in the once prosperous mining village of Reila.

All characters start at level 3. I'm allowing use of almost any option in the Player's Handbook, Player's Handbook 2, The Complete Classes Guides (including the Expanding Psionics Handbook), and the Complete Races Guides. All players start with the amount of money assigned for a level 3 character in the Dungeon Master's Guide on page 117 (may be wrong on the page number, but that's the general area). Any unspent money is lost, but keep in mind that you have to be able to carry what you own, as you are moving around the nation. Attributes can be determined 1 of 3 ways: 1) 32-point buy system, 2) roll 4d6 six times, drop the lowest, reroll double 1's, reroll scores lower than 10, MUST have at least one 16, 3) roll 3d6 twelve times, reroll scores lower than 10, MUST have at least one 16. Note that system #1 does not have the requirement for the one 16 attribute. The method you use is up to you, but I will notice if you try to present me with a character with all 18's (or even a majority of 18's). If you plan on playing an inherently magical race, please be prepared to provide an amazing back story (can't do so without asking me for the full information file). If you have any questions or would like help on creating a character (to include learning how to play for any newcomers), feel free to ask.

NOTE: The time frame is not set in stone. I intend on starting around 6:00 to 6:30 and we'll stop when the first person decides to leave for the night.

NOTE: As of right now it's set for my apartment, but we can change the location if needed.

The world of Dre'ak

The Frozen Lands

At the far north lies an archipelago known to the inhabitants of Dre'ak as simply 'The Frozen Lands.' This archipelago is the only area of known land in Dre'ak to see snow year-round. This archipelago is home to four islands, each with it's own topographical features. These islands, if looked at on a map, oddly form a cross and many people do not understand this.

The northern island of these lands is known as Feroste Major. Feroste Major covers a good quantity of the archipelago's land and holds a vast amount of frozen forests. Basically, Feroste Major is a winter wonderland. The few areas of this island that are not covered by forests are home to great ice plains, where one can see nothing but ice for miles.

The eastern island of these lands is known as Feroste Minor. It is named such because it is much like Feroste Major in that it has a great deal of forests, though it is approximately half the size of it's close neighbor. Unlike Feroste Major, this island has frozen hills where it does not have forests and these hills are only on the inner center of the island.

The southern island of these lands is known as Feroste Ancientus. It is named such for various reasons that I will discuss later. This island is covered with mountains in the north and the land seems to get more and more smooth as you go south on the island. At the southern-most tip of this island, however, one can begin to see greenery as the climate starts to get warmer, though it is not much at all. This island is dwarfed by Feroste Major, but it is still much larger than that of Feroste Minor.

The western island of these lands is known as Feroste Madadorele. This island is the smallest island in the archipelago, only being about half the size of Feroste Minor. It is covered by frost plains and a few occasions thickets of brush. This is the only island in the archipelago, however, that has running water. Whereas on the other islands the rivers are frozen, this one has a river that splits it in two running from north to south. This river, known as Madadorele River, is where the island got it's name from.

Enduade Major

Due two days sail south-west of the frozen lands is the continent known as Enduade Major. This continent is a very diverse continent indeed and is one of the largest areas of land in the known world. Enduade Major can be separated into five distinct regions: The northern wastes, the eastern forests, the southern deserts, the western wetlands, and the central archipelago, which consists of two small islands.

The northern wastes are exactly what the word says, wastelands. These are the largest wastelands in the known world covering the entire northern border of the continent. These wastes range completely from frozen wastes to heat blasted wastes and there are even a couple of temperate wastelands, which are almost can support life without the aid of the people of Dre'ak. In the frozen wastes, on the far eastern side of the wastelands, there are a great deal of mountainous areas in which no plant life grows. As you get farther south in the frozen wastes, however, the climate begins to get warmer and you can occasionally see a few thickets of dead bushes as you get closer to the eastern forests. The blasted wastes are on the far western side of the wastelands. No one knows why these lands are the way they are, but they just accept it the way it is. These lands are a huge area of hot, dusty lands in which nothing grows. To the far north and far south, you can see two towering volanoes that are constantly emitting a black smoke that seems to hold the heat of these lands in, making it hotter than the climate makes it. In this area, there are frequent dust storms which can last anywhere from a few hours to a few months at a time. There are also earthquakes that occur in this area twice a year, as one volcano erupts every half of a year. Last, but not least is the temperate wastelands. This area is a very small strip that lies just between the frozen wastes and the blasted wastes. This area is covered with plains as far as the eye can see that have no life on them, though they have remnants of life in small thickets of bushes or trees that have died long ago, but are still standing. This area has occasional hot flashes and occasional cold flashes whenever the winds shift and bring some of the air from the other wastes into this section, but other than that, the temperature seems pretty mild year round.

On the eastern side of the island are a vast network of forests as far as the eye can see. These forests are home to many forms of creatures and trees alike. In the far north, just as you are escaping the constant ice, you find yourself in a massive evergreen forest that is home to some of the most violent beasts in the world. The beasts here are violent, however, as they are simply defending their territory from invaders from the north who are simply looking for food. The farther south you go, you will continue to see evergreen trees but you also begin to see oak and birch trees as well as a few occasional silkworm trees. Finally at the farthest southern area of the forests, you find a vast forest of silkworm trees, the largest in the world. This is so because the silkworm seems to be quite find of warm climates, and with this area being so close to the southern deserts, this area of the forest is rather warm year-round.

The southern deserts are a rather small area of the island that take up the southern-most tip of the island. These are some of the most mild deserts in the world, though temperatures here are sometimes unbearable even for the inhabitants of the area. The deserts are flat in this part of the world and some believe that it just recently became deserts a few decades ago, though not many remember.

The western wetlands are a massive network of hot swamps as they have both the winds coming from the blasted lands and the southern deserts blowing into it. The wetlands are the only swamplands in the entire known world, as most of the swamplands have been drained elsewhere, while the ones here are protected. Only one type of tree grows in the wetlands and that is the tall and proud sky-spliter trees. The wetlands have a strange number of creatures that live in them with some not even having been documented by national officials. They are also home to many ancient ruins, though not many know where they originated from.

Last, but not least is the central archipelago. The continent of Enduade Major is cut in size by a large ocean, known simply as the Enduadan Ocean, that has two rather small islands in the center of it. These islands are home to few creatures and are mostly mountainous. These islands have a very odd climate indeed as they have the winds blowing on them from all four of the distinct areas of the continent. They also, remarkably, have more ruins on them then the entire wetlands have that have been discovered. Because of this, these islands seem a prime area for people to come, whether they are looking for an adventure or they are commissioned by a government to investigate them.

Enduade Minor

Enduade Minor lies directly west of Enduade Major. Should a person decide to travel between them it would only take a ten hour boat ride as compared to the other continents of a couple of days away. Enduade Minor is a rather small continent and some even consider it a part of the Enduade Major continent, though in all actuality it is not. This continent can only be separated into one section of classification, desert. This island is home to some of the hottest deserts in the world. Temperatures here often exceed that of anywhere else in the world, though the temperatures at night are quite comfortable indeed. This island has very few plains and a good quantity of it is covered with hills known as sand dunes. There are a few ancient ruins, though a good quantity of the ancient ruins have yet to be discovered since they have been buried beneath the sand long ago.


Due south-east of Enduade major is the continent of Maldore. This continent is separated a good week's journey from Enduade and not many decide to take this journey, as the ocean crossed is known as the Sea of Storms. Maldore is separated into two smaller islands that are called the Maldore Twins as they are just alike in size and shape, though topographical features are nearly the exact opposite of each other.

The northern Maldore Twin can be separated into three distinct regions all three falling into order from north to south. The northern-most part of the island containing the Dragonfall Mountain range is nothing more than mountains. There are few life forms up in these areas, though many of the islands rivers originate from underground caverns in these mountains. To the south of the Dragonfall mountain range is the Dragonfall foothills which is a vast expanse of hills as far as the eye can see. These hills, however, are the richest source of gold in the known world and this island attracts many people because of this. Finally, to the southern-most part of the island are the grasslands. This area is some of the most fertile farmland in the world and this makes it some of the most sought out land by many nations. This very island is warred over quite often by nations, but I will discuss that in more depth later.

The southern Maldore Twin can be separated into two distinct areas ranging from east to west. In the western part of the island is the same fertile grasslands that the southern-most part of it's twin has, though it is not as well known as it's twin. To the east, however is some of the most silver-rich hills that the known world has ever seen. Not to mention the fact that these hills happen to possess a good amount of ancient ruins themselves, making this island almost as sought after as its twin.


Admun'lere is a continent exactly east of the Maldore Twins. Admun'lere is a good one day's travel from Maldore and it is a rather good size continent. Not much is known about this island as it was discovered approximately two decades ago and not many have been able to venture very far into the island. What little bit of the island has been mapped is the northern tip of the island. This section of the island that has been mapped out is a vast amount of rainforest that is home to some of the most savage creatures known. There seem to be the largest amount of ancient ruins in this little bit than anywhere on the world and because of this, many nations have sent explorers in attempts of laying claim to a treasure trove of ancient knowledge or treasures.

The Nations of Dre'ak


Feroste is a nation that is unlike most in the world. It is the only nation in the world that has actually even wanted to lay claim to the Frozen Lands. As a matter of fact, the Frozen Lands are the only lands that Feroste holds and they are the only lands that it wishes to hold. The capital of Feroste, Iceguard Palace, is on the island of Feroste Ancientus just north of several of it's ancient ruins that appear to have been palaces themselves. Feroste has very few large cities, only three or four per island and they have an economy that is envied by almost all nations. Not many knows why Feroste's economy is so well, but it is common knowledge that they keep close ties with it's closest neighbor, Enduade, for the trade of food supplies. Feroste is mostly known for their fine furs and breeds of horses. People from Feroste seem to have a rather hardened attitude, almost as though the cold has hardened them beyond compare, and they consider people who cannot bear the cold as nothing more than children. The large cities of Feroste often have exquisite temples to their four gods and a good amount of the other buildings seem rather bland when compared to them.

Feroste was originally founded as a monarchy, though, after several monarchs being over-thrown and beheaded, the nation changed to a Theocracy, a form of government in which the temple controls all aspects of government. In this case, the government is a council of the eight highest clergy in the four sects. In this council there is one priest and one preistess from each sect, each of which is elected by the clergy of the sect every five years. The nation of Feroste is founded on the concept that all people should be allowed to do as they please, as long as they attend a religious service at least two days out of the week. Those who are not at the service on the two holy days of their sect are closely watched by the government and sometimes charged with heresy. These ideals does not leave much room for outlanders to come to Feroste, though recently the government has begun allowing outlanders to not be required to go to a sect base religious ceremony, as long as they are registered with the government as an outlander. In Feroste, men and women are given equal respect, though officers of the religious sects are given more respect than anyone else.

Due to recent issues, Feroste is currently locked in the middle of a sect war at the moment with each of the religious sects battling with at least one of the other sects for some insult that is either real or implied among the other sects. This is not all too uncommon in this nation, though this time it has actually come down to the sects' guards engaging in battle in the middle of cities. Each sect lately has been approaching outlanders shortly after they arrive in attempts to persuade them to join their crusade against their 'evil' enemy sect.


The nation of Enduade takes claim of its home on the two continents beginning with Enduade. Though it is was of humble origins in the Central Archipelago, it has since conquered all of the Enduadan continents. There are few nations that can rival Enduade's military might, though a few attempt to do just that. The capital of Enduade, Edqewick, is located in the central archipelago on Enduade Major and is the cultural capital of this growing nation. Enduade has several large cities, though none of which are located in the wastes. Enduade keeps open trade with Feroste, trading food supplies with them for the valued Ferostan horses. The people of Enduade have a rather laid-back attitude toward the world and they seem to have the mind frame of 'whatever comes, comes. Don't fight it too much and those around you won't suffer.'

The nation of Enduade is a monarchy with a hierarchal system of management. At the higest level is the king or queen of the country. Below him/her are the advisors. One step below them are the regional barons. One step below them are the local lords or ladies. One step below them are the peasants. Due to this hierarchy the nation is highly stable, but it also leaves room for government corruption. In all actuality the local lords freely tax the peasants under their rule as they please, while the regional barons keep the people under control through elite squads that are meant to 'deal with' uprisings. The advisors know little of the barons or lords and ladies doings and they merely advise the king in international matters, while the king only has control of the national army used for national defense from other nations and trade between Feroste.

Lately, the local lords and ladies as well as the regional barons have been gaining more and more power and have been opressing the peasants more and more lately, causing several uprisings which have been slaughtered by the barons' elite units, enraging more peasants and spreading word of Enduade's unrest to other nations. For this very reason, several nations have tried sending in covert operations units to try to overthrow the government to set up a more stable form of government, if not annex Enduade to their own country. Many fear that when the recent king, King Alexander Phillipe XII, dies that the country will be split into several smaller nations led by the regional barons and there will be so many wars and so much bloodshed that people have stopped moving to this country, despite it's cultural influence on other nations.


Macheldore is a rather small country that lays claim to the northern Maldore Twin. Macheldore's capital, Macheldore City, is hidden deep within the mountains of the island it inhabits and the only ways of going to the capital are by travelling through the caverns of the mountains and passing through several military checkpoints before you are even allowed into the city. The city itself is as grand as almost any in the world, with several intricately worked building thought to be remnants from the last country to have laid claim to that island, though not many know since Macheldore has a long history with it.

Macheldore is a gynarchy, a form of government ruled by women. Macheldore's government is ruled by a council of women from each of the country's major cities, all 5 of them. Through this government form, the larger cities have a voice in the government, however, the smaller cities are commonly forgotten and seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to tax money or government assistance with any major projects. Macheldore keeps an open door policy and allows anyone into their country, only after an in-depth questioning of their motives and where they have come from to ensure that they mean no trouble.

Recently Macheldore has engaged in war with its neighbor to the south, Ildoran, over control of the grasslands that are so famous in the Maldore Twins. Security has been greatly increased, but the open door policy still stands as long as people can prove that they do not come from Ildoran.


Ildoran is a rather small nation as well, laying claim to the southern Maldore Twin. the capital of Ildoran, Madragore, is the only southern port city in the country and is also the trade center of the world as many merchant ships stop their for the valued Ildoran silver. Ildoran has very few large cities indeed, most of them being mining cities to the west, though their smaller cities produce enough food stock for the entire nation of Feroste as well as themselves.

Ildoran is a republic by name, however, in actuality, it is closer to a despotism. There is a consul who holds most of the government's power and there is a small council of elected officials who hold a little bit of the power. The consul holds the power over the military and the laws of the country, while the council only holds the power of setting the taxes of the nation. There are actually two military powers in Ildoran, the Consul's army and the Council's elite. The Consul's army is mostly sent over to other nations to conquer more lands or to defend the main land of Ildoran, while the Council's elite are the defenders of the people. They commonly get into disputes or even bloody battles with the Consul's army whenever injustice is being done to the people of the country, or sometimes even outlanders who they feel are honorable.

Recently Ildoran has been at war with Macheldore to the north as well as sending squads of the Consul's army over to the new found island in hopes of setting up a new base of operations over there.