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Hey everypony! This will be the first house party I've ever had on meetup among all the other many ones I've had! :D I want to fit as many people possible in my house but in order to accomplish that I need your help in behaving well kay? Also please please please please pleeease try your best to bring some food (I always tend to end up short on food with so many people >-<') I'm also considering having as many people possible to pitch in cash to grab as many pizzas possible at Little Caesars ^u^ Okay! Fun stuff! Yes, I have a pool in the backyard! Bring swimsuits! I also have a fire pit back there too and if someone can contribute some firewood, that'd be amaaziinng~ Uhh, s'mores stuff would be awesome! I'll try to get as much s'mores stuff I can at the store along with chips (Doritos, Cheetos, Lays and whatnot), soda (Root beer, Dr. Pepper, Mtn Dew, Coke, all that jazz), and other snackies :3 Also I'll be buying some Death Wish coffee in case anyone would like to try some (because strongest coffee, why not? Lol) and I'll get some Miracle Berry Fruit tablets (magical little tablets that turn sour foods sweet momentarily lol it's really cool) Then I'll try to make some Sprite flavored gummy bear popsicles ^.^ So lotsa good stuff guys :D We also have a fireplace in one of the living rooms for you guys to dry off and junk and we got 2 TVs, one without cable that can still connect vidya games and the other does have cable and can connect to vidya games ^u^ Also we can hook up Netflix and watch movies and shtuff c: I'll try my best to get as many glow sticks possible and I will be DJing in the backyard for a while ^.^ My parties usually end at midnight and as for the start time, prolly around 2 in the afternoon -w- Remember to bring food thooough!~
P.S. No drugs or alcohol on the propert sry, house rules ^-^'