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Video games and ponies X (Mira Mesa, San Diego)

Hosted by SoCal Bronies

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Special Notes This Time

• We will provide biscuits and gravy, so please consider bringing breakfast-related potluck foods (bacon, milk, OJ, etc.).

• We will be watching the episode *live* at 7am and continuing to play video games for the rest of the day.

• Before about 9am, please be *very* careful about volume, we really don't want to wake up our neighbors.

• We're going to be crazy and open our home for up to 20 bronies (22 counting us 2) Please be considerate of others, and try to be quiet, especially before 9am. We may not be able to fit everyone into the main room, so please be willing to share the smaller screen if necessary.

22 attendee-limit this time.


We are old video game collectors and would like to have a pony and video game party with you! We live in the Mira Mesa area near the Target and Von's stores. Our systems include Atari, NES, N64, PS2, Wii, and more! Some systems have more games than others, so let us know if you'd like to bring your own to play.

We're in a 2-bedroom apartment, so space is limited, but we have a decent projector setup for about 10 people to enjoy, and 2 other smaller setups in another room.

Sorry for the wall of text below. I'm trying to summarize the comments from the first event so we don't have to re-type things each time we have this kind of party.

We hope to see you there!


We have 2 guinea pigs in our home. If you are allergic to small animals or hay, please take this into consideration when RSVPing.

We will move these guys to a different room during the party.


Please find your own transportation to the meetup. Giving rides can be fun, but HF & LG need to stay and get everything ready. :)-


We'd love to do a potluck-style thing :) Comment below if you can bring chips/soda/snacks/etc, but don't feel bad if you can't think of something.

No alcohol please - there may be teens present, and Logic/Heart Felt don't like the stuff.


If you would like to bring games for a system, see our full system list below. Of course, you can bring your own system if you want.
Please label your games so they don't get mixed up with other people's games.

Note: Please no M-Rated games... we like to keep things SFW / family friendly.


Since we have a limit on attendees - if you find out you can't come (which would be sad), please update your rsvp so someone else can come instead. Thanks!

Full System List

We have >10 games for:

• Atari 2600

• Dreamcast

• Gamecube

• Intellivision

• N64


• Playstation 2

• Wii

1 - Game Gear
1 - Gameboy
2 - GB Pocket
2 - GB Color
2 - GBA
3 - GBA-SP
1 - DS Lite
1 - DSi
1 - DSi XL
1 - 3DS
1 - 3DS XL

1- PSP

We have < 10 games for:

• Genesis


• Playstation / PS One

• XBox (we don't have Halo)

• XBox 360 (we mostly just use this for Pony Rock Band)


We typically play in a Minecraft world together during the party. If you'd like to join in, please bring a laptop to play on (let us know if you need to bring a desktop tower instead).