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Welcome to The Block Café!

We are one third coffee shop, one third co-work space and one third young entrepreneurs who worked together, trying to change the world, one Bitcoin at a time!

If, like us, you are a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, an expat, a coffee lover, a blockchain enthusiast, or just a curious person, our open space is the best venue to connect, socialise over a cup of coffee or a beer.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Capitalism 101

The Block

Lisbon's Newest Economics Meetup. We discuss core ideas of capitalism and its counter-points, with a focus on understanding the capitalistic principles that govern our world. We will be discussing Markets vs Central Planning. Join us for a short presentation by Mathias Grønnebæk followed by an evening of debate. Hosted at The Block, a co-working space for entrepreneurs, creators, and developers. 5 minutes from Picoas, Saldanha, Parque metros. Newcomers and professionals welcome. We aim to create the best community in Lisbon for intelligent discussions about economic policy, hard questions and mingling with interesting people. RSVP your place now.

Tor Meetup

The Block Cafe

Reclaiming your privacy on the internet may seem to be an overwhelming task. You aren’t powerless, however. On the 23rd of February, we’re holding a meetup in Lisbon to talk about how Tor can help After the introduction, we will do a workshop on setting up onion services (as you might know as the websites that end in ".onion") and later on, after some beer and chat we will setup a tor relay on the venue. more info on privacylx's website: english - https://privacylx.org/en/events/tormeetup3/ português - https://privacylx.org/events/tormeetup3/ Nota: o evento será em inglês (note on the language)

Bitcoin 101

The Block

You still don't get Bitcoin but are too afraid to ask at this point? Stéphane Roche will do a gentle non-technical introduction to Bitcoin. We will think about what problem Bitcoin solves and will outline how does it work.

Monthly Bitcoin meetup

The Block

The Bitcoin maximalists slot, every month! Sometimes there is a talk, sometimes just networking and casual chat.

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Monthly Bitcoin meetup

The Block

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