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Tuckerman's Ravine.....Are You Up for the Challenge?


1202 Rte 302 · Bartlett, NH

How to find us

Will be at the Skidaddler around 6:00 pm

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Tuckerman's Ravine Ski/Board/Hike Saturday, April 27

We will get an early start and meet at the Skidaddlers Lodge around 8 am. We will carpool over and back. We have plenty of parking. The plan is to Hike up to Hermit Lake Shelter (hojo's) and then to lunch rock to watch the skier and have lunch or a snack. Skier/Boarders will hike up further into the Bowl to Ski.

We plan to get back to the lodge around 3-4:00 pm Later we will relax, celebrate our accomplishments. There will be a small fee for Sat breakfast and Saturday night dinner around.


This hike is NOT for beginners. Please have experience.

You will hike through mud and possibly some snow. This is a great experience. Crampons or ice cleats and poles would be helpful. Most of us will be Hiking. PlEASE READ THE "WHAT TO BRING" BELOW TO HELP YOU PACK.

Spring Skiing at Tuckerman's Ravine is a New England tradition. Situated on the shoulder of Mount Washington, the highest summit north of the Carolinas and east of the Mississippi at 6,288 feet, Tuckerman Ravine offers roughly 1,200’ vertical feet of relief if you were to ski from the top of the headwall, whereas most skiers settle for 500 to 800 vertical feet from locations partially up the headwall. The hike to Tuck's is 2 hours or more (depending on your speed) to get up to the skiing and riding. Total Miles 4.8 Elevation Gain 1,850 feet.

If you are not familiar with Tuckerman's Ravine, please spend some time goggling it before you RSVP "YES".

I will be coming up Friday evening and leaving Sunday afternoon. Lodging cost is $25.00 per night. Dormitory bunk bed style sleeps 2-4 per room. Relax by the 2 Wood burning stove and sauna. Let me know if you want to spend the night.

**Because of the advanced terrain and natural hazards of hiking and skiing on Mount Washington, Boston Ski Meetup and it's organizers are not responsible for the safety of participants. Each participant must make their own decision as too whether or not to participate in this adventure based outing.


Clothing: 'Layers!", synthetic layers, waterproof /breathable pants, warm hat, ball cap, gloves, extra socks, and rainproof/windproof shell w/hood. You will sweat on the way up/down, but above the tree line you can get cold very quickly. Key is to stay dry! Wet and Cold is very bad.

Food and water: plenty of water, snacks, lunch (subs or make your own), remember you'll have friends with you!

Goggles, sunglasses: A must, especially if a sunny day as it can be very bright with all the snow! An extra pair is always a good idea.

Ski equipment: pick your weapon, but if you've never hiked Tuck's I suggest you spectate.

Trash bag: extremely light, versatile as emergency rain gear or sit-on tarp, and the obvious (pack-in, pack-out)

Hiking boots: waterproof, with good tread, crampons or ice cleats can be helpful.

Hiking poles: good idea, carry them/it or strap them to your pack for the head down

Backpack: Large enough to carry your "extras", and straps for equipment if needed. Try configuration well before hike.

Camera: record everything!

Other: a beer to celebrate your accomplishment, either at the top, or later at the bottom. Toilet paper (mountain money), sunscreen (an optimist!), binoculars, signal mirror (to wave!),

Attitude: very positive, where you know you can make it and NOT the "Are we there yet?" mentality. :) You should enjoy the entire event, especially the people and sires. Always go at your own pace.

Please review other Tuckerman's Ravine web-sites for additional information and suggestions.

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