What we're about

Salon-style meetup open to all sorts of Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Researchers, Hackers, Designers and anyone serious about exploring the cutting edge in their craft. Think research papers, hard engineering problems, novel ideas/experiences, ... anything non-trivial.

Supplyframe will be providing space/food/drinks for this event in its beautiful new space on the corner of South Fair Oaks and Green St.

Although the nature of the meetup is quite informal, every event will feature three different 20-minute presentations, on the subjects of:

1. Research - Something publication-worthy, either existing published research or new ideas (other people's research is fine). Computer Science/Machine Learning topics are preferred but not limited to.

2. Engineering - Something practical from the Software Engineering realm. Challenging subjects are welcome!

3. Creativity - Something creative. A new idea, concept, design, interaction... The kind of thing you wouldn't necessary expect in a Software meetup.

Past events (4)

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SDDG Vol 0x2: AI, Bits and Atoms


SDDG Kickoff Meetup / Unconference-style


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