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The SolSeed Movement is about understanding, celebrating and nurturing Life. Our core principle is that all life is precious.
Understanding Life

Understanding Life means studying Life in all its aspects. Lets get out in Nature and examine trees and flowers, birds and fish. Lets talk about astronomy together. Lets meditate together and think about better ways of living. Lets pursue Wisdom.

https://photos1.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/5/3/4/0/event_160521312.jpeg Celebrating Life

Lets mark the seasons together by celebrating the grand evolutionary events that led to life as we know it. Lets celebrate by doing the things living creatures do, feasting, actively moving through our environment (skating, swimming, kayaking, hiking, running and bicycling), thinking and talking, singing and dancing. Lets embrace Passion.

Nurturing Life


Lets take action. Lets nurture our own lives and those of the people around us and thus form a life-affirming community. Lets nurture the Life around us by helping each other and the people around us care for our local ecosystem. Lets work toward a future where the biosphere continues its upward spiral of ever growing possibilities. Lets cultivate Empathy.

https://photos4.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/7/5/4/6/event_120210022.jpeg Sol's Seed, SolSeed

Through Wisdom, Passion and Empathy we will come to see the life around us as a huge and powerful seed. Like a seed, the biosphere is filled with future possibilities waiting to be realized. Also like a seed, it has been building its store of energy and organizing its structures. Like a budding seed it has been expanding and spreading its tendrils into new environments; from the sea it has expanded first onto wet warm land and then into ever colder and dryer places. The biosphere is Sol's Seed, ripening and readying to spread into the universe. As SolSeed's intelligent spark, we are a key part of that ripening. Someday we will play a key role in helping SolSeed to take root amongst the stars, to give birth to a family of living worlds. This we call TheDestiny.

Bringing Life

We believe that such a future is worth striving towards. We call all of this, from nurturing those around us to striving toward TheDestiny, Bringing Life. Please join us in Bringing Life.

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