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Escape Room! (Mystery Room: Downsview Location) Wednesday May 23rd
Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you out to a terrific team and friendship building experience; called Escape Room. This is an opportunity to make some great new connections while playing this highly interactive game that is fun, challenging and full of comradery . We will be playing at Mystery Room the biggest Escape Room company in Toronto. *We will start the event with an opportunity to mix, mingle and play some fun games, such as Jenga and Cards Against Humanity, as a warm up and anticipation before beginning Escape Room. Please read below for all the details and certainly join us if you can, it's lots of fun. *Joined by my other social groups so we can anticipate a great turn out Sincerely, Steve Flemming (Organizer) ( Event Details: Escape Room! Our goal is to bring the wonders of storybooks, movies, and video games into a real-life game for our visitors. You will be physically trapped in a room and will be forced to use your intelligence, reasoning, logic, and pure skill to solve puzzles in order to escape within one hour. Will you be one of the 10% that manages to make it out? Grab your friends and come take on the challenge! Why Mystery Room? We know that escape rooms are all the rage across the globe right now. So why choose Mystery Room? We work hard to ensure that all our games are top notch in technology, game design, and most all – fun! We have four rooms in the Downsview locations and two rooms in the Downtown location and continuing to expand. Each room is different with continuous improvements and changes. Each game includes cool new gadgets not offered anywhere else for you to have a better experience! Telephone (Downsview location): (416) 398–2020 1140 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 18, Toronto, ON M3K 2A2 *West of Bathurst and Alan Road on Sheppard ----------------------------------------------------- Friendly Reminders: Arrival Time: Please arrive between 7:00-7:15 *Fee: 25 dollars (Cash only) (HST is included) -Free parking (10-12 minute walk from Downsview Subway station) --------------------------------------------------- More Details on Mystery Room: (Optional read) The game begins with players entering into the zone of their booking. Each zone contains numerous clues and puzzles, the solutions to which open locks in that zone. A group wins by successfully escaping from the zone within an hour. Note that although the entry door remains unlocked for safety reasons, exiting through this door disqualifies the group immediately. Players can only win by exiting through the zone’s final door. In addition to clues, each zone also contains a telephone through which Mystery Room’s front desk may be reached. Groups are entitled to 2 hints per booking to help solve any lock or puzzle.

Mystery Room

1140 Sheppard Ave W Unit 18 Toronto, Ontario M3K2A2 · Toronto, ON

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