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Most of my classes are offered online and in person. Learn, expand, heal, and grow from the comfort of your home. Soulspirational Wellness online classes can be found here: https://www.learnitlive.com/invite/Tish. Classes are added weekly.

What this group is about: healing and spiritual development. Our healing classes bring you closer to your spirit. Our spiritual classes help bring about healing. It's a win-win! If your spirit has been nudging you, listen to it. It's there to guide you to brighter and better days.

Empower yourself. Reduce suffering. Open up to a more fulfilling life. Awaken to your True Self.

If you're ready for a change, show up. Show up for your soul. Do the soul work. You're the only person who can truly bring about change in your life. It must begin with you.

Be one of the many who have said, "Soulspirational has changed my life! "

I offer plenty of videos with free information through my local TV show, Awakening with Soulspirational, which airs on Wadsworth's local station, WCTV, my website (https://www.soulspirational.com/tv-episodes (https://www.soulspirational.com/tv-episodes.)) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/Soulspirational (https://www.youtube.com/c/Soulspirational.)).

If you join our group, please be respectful of your RSVP. Only those who RSVP will be notified of any cancellations or changes. I prepare for class based on attendance so please change your RSVP if you cannot make a class that you were planning on attending. Three or more No Shows may result in being removed from the group.

I do provide private services such as reiki, chakra analysis and balancing, tarot, psychic mediumship and more. You can find my services here: https://www.soulspirational.com/services

I also invite you to Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/soulspirationalwellness

Thank you. Be well, and namaste.

Rev. Tish Niedzwiecki, RMT, B.Msc.

Soulspirational Wellness Studio

147 College St, Sutie D, Wadsworth, OH 44281


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"I AM" Meditation

147 College St


Raise your vibration. Feel the strength of your being. Feel the divine light that is always within you.

During this guided meditation, I will incorporate excerpts from "The Impersonal Life", bringing you to the great I Am.

Your respectful RSVP is required. There is a minimum of 2 attendees (not including me) for class. Cost is only $15 (cash or Venmo).

For information on my private services, please visit my website www.Soulspirational.com/services.

Chakra Analysis and Healing Certification Class

147 College St


Learn how to feel into the chakras, look into the chakra, balance and cleanse the chakras.

Take your healing knowledge to a whole new level!

This is a great class for reiki practitioners, but is open to anyone who is interested. If you offer energy healing, this is a truly beneficial service that you could add.

If you've taken my reiki classes, or someone else's class that taught about the chakras, you've already been shown the basics. This class is solely focused on the chakras so you get even more experience.

We'll spend part of the class discussing the seven main chakras, and a few others.

This class also helps you to hone and build upon your intuitive skills.

Cost is $100.00 for this hands-on certification class. I accept cash, credit or Venmo. No checks please.

Class is scheduled from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Depending on how many people attend, class could take a little longer. Given the length of this class, we'll be taking a one hour lunch break.

Your respectful RSVP is required and due by Thursday, March 4th. Class size is limited so reserve your spot now. There's a minimum requirement of two students, not including me, or the class will be rescheduled.

Prerequisite: A basic understanding of chakras and a basic understanding of energy healing.

For information on my services, please visit my website: www.Soulspirational.com/services.

Reiki Buddies

Online event


Looking for a Reiki Buddy to practice with?

This will be great for self-care. By giving, you receive.

If you're a reiki level 2 practitioner, or higher, you are welcome to join us. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I know how important it is to practice. I also realize that many don't use their distant reiki skills (for various reasons). Here's your chance to hone your skills - and to receive!

During the meeting, you'll be matched with another reiki practitioner. You'll be placed in a private online room to share what you'd like your buddy to work on during the session. You will NOT be sending Reiki during this meeting. You will arrange a date and time that is best for you to send it to your buddy; and when it's best for you to receive.

I'll walk you through, if you're unfamiliar, of how to program reiki treatments.

If you're looking to enhance your reiki skills, come join us! It's FREE! I'm offering this meeting as a service for the reiki community.

Only those who attend Live will be placed with a Reiki Buddy.
Please register here: https://www.learnitlive.com/class/16862/Reiki-Buddies?ref=revtischniedzwiecki

Must be a certified reiki level 2 practitioner, or higher.

If it's your first time using the Learn It Live platform, please sign in a few minutes early. It's best to use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

If you're interested in taking reiki classes with me, please private message me.

Spirit Circle Series: Oklahoma City Bombing (Online only)

Online event


Make an impact on the spirit world.

The purpose of this series is to help lost and hurting souls to go into the light; and to help shift and cleanse the energy of the site and event. Hone and develop your psychic senses while you make an impact on the spirit world.

We'll listen to the spirits stories, offer healing, and help those who haven't gone into the light - so long as they agree. Finally, we'll send healing to the site.

In this Spirit Circle, we're going to visit the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Class fee is $20, payable at time of registration: https://www.learnitlive.com/class/16954/Spirit-Circle?ref=revtischniedzwiecki

If you're new to the LearnItLive (LiL) platform, you can choose whether or not to share your microphone or camera. If you do choose to share, it's best to log in through Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

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