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Heart & Blood Workshop

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Zach M.


Facilitator: Ken Klettke

In some cultures blood type is believed to determine your personality and may affect employability and romance. (So desu ka?) This workshop will provide participants with the means to learn about blood, some of its functions, and how it is moved around in a variety of ways by different organisms, and cardiac electrophysiology, with a focus on our own system.

This workshop is intended for those with some background in biology but certainly will be of interest to any curious mind. It will be a mixture of lecture and lab to learn:
1. Blood and transport systems in a variety of organisms and how to determine your hematocrit
2. Blood type and typing our own blood
3. Microscopic evaluation of our white blood cells using Wright’s stain
4. Origin of heart sounds and using a stethoscope
5. Dissection of a mammalian four-chambered heart
6. Cardiac electrophysiology and performing an ECG.

Participants will have the opportunity to use their own blood if they wish to determine hematocrit, blood type, microscopic evaluation of white blood cells, as well as listen to ones own heart sounds and see your own ECG. All materials will be provided. Come join us and see whom your future life partner or employer might be!


Member = $45; Non-members = $55. Classes are open to SoundBio members and the general public.
SoundBio Lab
1100 Northeast 47th Street · Seattle, WA
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