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Resonant Harmony Attunements

The Resonant Harmony Attunements are designed for two purposes:

1. To Create Community Where We are All Connected – When you share sound together, everyone's whole system shares the same vibration or frequency -- brainwaves, heart rates, and electromagnetic fields align, and we all become like family. In fact, sharing sound together is a portal to remembering the ultimate state of where we are all One -- particularly when the sound ends and we enter that divine place of peace where we disappear. We believe this is the ultimate goal, Oneness -- for when we exist in a world where we are all one there is no more conflict, no more war -- and only love and light permeate all of our relationships. Coming together in sound creates this Community, where we are all connected, one with all humanity and life --including everything on the planet.

2. To Bring Us into Higher States of Consciousness – A Higher Frequency - There are two general types of states:
a. A State of Bliss – Defining “Bliss” as any high state of consciousness – including that of Gratitude, Compassion, Joy, and Love (personal and Universal). This state could be simply Perfect Presence or simply just a sweet state of Well Being. Of course, music often takes us to such a place. It is even more powerful when the underlying sounds are also working towards inducing the same state, and when you include a powerful Intention.
b. A State of Deep Peace – Not just silence (because silence can be uncomfortable), but a place of peace like no other. It happens when the sound ends on the root, home note of the song and fades ever so slowly -- seamlessly melding into the silence. When this happens the last frequency heard remains in the room – humming ever so still. The slower the fade, the better.

The Events include many different Experiences. Sometimes a night might be devoted to one particular type of experience; Often we will have multiple experiences in one night:

1. Sound Healing Concerts – Wide variety of groups based around Sound Healing and Raising Consciousnes.

2. Sound Journeys – Experience the healing and consciousness raising aspects of sound as you lay on the floor with your eyes closed. We play a wide range of natural sounds all around you, including using the voice to induce higher states of consciousness. The journeys often include Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Bowls.

3. Toning with Intention – Most of our meditations are done with a conscious stated Intention. It is well-known and has been proven through research that Intention really does work.

4. Chanting – Chanting songs from around the world. No singing experience required. We often do Kirtan (Call and response).

5. Sound Healing Music – Wide range of live and recorded Sounds and Music to bring you into a state of bliss and deep peace.

6. Sound and Movement – Taking sound into form in the body and throughout the chakras.

7. Guided Meditations with Sound – From releasing stuck emotions and energy to resonating higher forms of sound and light consciousness.

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Sound Healing Certificate Program Summer Intensive

Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute


These classes inclulde 10 of the top instructors in the field. You will learn how Sound and Vibration work at all levels of reality -- Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. We work with the voice, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and a wide range of other instruments. Students get to use all of the instruments and technologies in our Sound Healing Store. Classes are 10AM - 9:30PM every day. There is also lodging available for only $200 for the while 10 days. This is 1/2 of Globe Institute's Certificate program (not necessary to take the whole program). The second 1/2 is August 3rd - 13th. These classes are the one's that are best done at the Institute (rest can be done Online if you like). There are 3 main goals in the program: 1. Learn how the whole Universe works based on the laws of vibration as explained in physics. 2. Enjoy a wide range of experientlal sessions to get it into your body at a deep level. 3. Learn a large number of skills and techniques you can use to work in the field or open up your own practice. The program includes 5 Courses... all of which can be taken individually. The Overview course gives you an understanding of the basic structure of sound, and how sound can be used for various intentions –physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We look at the history of sound healing and where the future is leading. We begin with the physics of sound, resonance and the harmonic structure of sound. We do a thorough examination of the physiology of the body and it’s relation to the emotional and spiritual bodies. We also explore the use of sound to bring people into particular brainwave states, such as delta, theta, alpha and gamma. The classes on Sound Healing Instruments (in the Overview Course) focus on using the Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, and a full range of other instruments for healing and raising consciousness. You learn about archetypal frequencies and how different tonal qualities affect us. You also learning how to play each instrument and various ways to use them in a sound healing session or event. The Inner Awareness and Transformation course is about using sound as tool for your own inner work. The clearer of a vessel you are, the cleaner the energy that you transmit when working on people or clients. This work is about releasing deep patterns emotional and mentally. As you experience these techniques for yourself, you also learn how to use them to help others heal themselves. We then embark on many experiential and transformative workshops using sound and intention — including those that combine sound with movement. The Inner Music course is about seeing Music as the structure of the nature and the Universe — and us physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. You will learn how musical intervals are the relationship between any two things in the Universe — whether that be two planets, two plants, two crystals, or two people. The Voice, Toning, Chant and Mantra course focuses on how to use the voice for making a full range of sounds — for healing others and yourself and to create a field of coherent sacred space. We practice toning, chants from all over the world, the power of mantra, and overtone singing. The Sound Consciousness and Spirituality course is designed to give you an deeper understanding of how healing occurs, and what higher consciousness is in the first place. Eventbrite tickets https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sound-healing-summer-intensive-tickets-57939146547 For more info and Course Descriptions go to www.SoundHealingCenter.com/love/certificate or call[masked] Early bird discount - $100 off until May 1st. Globe Institute offers State Approved Certificate and Associates Degrees in Sound Healing and Therapy for over 15 years (www.SoundHealingCenter.com). The Institute also has a Sound Healing Store (www.SoundOfLove.com) and Sound Therapy Center (www.SoundTherapyCenter.com).

Mt. Shasta Sound Healing Retreat

Stewart Springs


Mt. Shasta Sound Healing Retreat Come enjoy a transformational 2 day Sound Healing workshop in beautiful Mt. Shasta with powerful Sound Healers. Invoking the energy of the Mountain and and all the light beings in and around. Resonating Love and Light with Sound. Stewart Springs has tubs with some amazingly healing water... what a better place to enjoy doing sound to raise your consciousness. Our primary intention is to resonate this Oneness with Sound... that place that is naturally filled with Universal Love flowing through it All. Limited Rooms available Lodging and Dining extra (see below) The workshop has sold out every year. About the Workshop The workshop with cover a wide range of information on how sound affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will practice techniques for healing physical issues including pain. We will use bowls to create brainwave entrainment. We will release stuck emotions that are stopping us from going to higher levels of consciousness. We will explore the frequency of our Soul and how to find it. We will also discuss the frequencies, pitch, timbres, musical intervals, music and energy of love. But most importantly, we will do many heart opening sound meditations using crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tingshas, gongs and the voice. We will also explore how to use tuning forks on the body. David will lead us into some powerful vibrational fields of gratitude, compassion, love and joy -- as well as that place where we are one with the Universe. Beverly will use the alchemical bowls to bring us into a deep state of peace and non-dual awareness. Throughout the workshop we will be working with and accessing the energies of the mountain and the plethora of light beings that hang out there. About Your Guides David A. Gibson David Gibson is a leading scholar in the field of Sound Healing and Therapy. He is the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco. David is also the author of one of the top books in the field, "The Complete Guide to Sound Healing." David is also one of the top selling producers of Sound Healing music, and runs the Sound Therapy Center at the Institute offering over 15 types of sound healing treatments. David has produced 8 Sound Healing concerts, and 7 International Sound Healing Conferences. David’s education in Physics at the University of California at Berkeley gives him a unique basis for understanding and explaining the way that sound affects us physically. David has been exploring the use of binaural beats for brainwave entrainment for over 10 years and has over 30 CD’s that incorporate brain enhancing frequencies in the music. David has come up with 9 techniques for releasing stuck emotions and deep emotional issues with sound and has been using these techniques in the classroom and therapy center for over 7 years. David has also been teaching a class on the Sound of Love at the Institute for 7 years. Through this class, David has come up with a full range of powerful techniques for opening the heart and connecting to spirit using sound and music as catalysts. He has also come up with a detailed array of sounds for bringing a person into gratitude, compassion, Universal Love and joy David's mission is to bring Sound and Energy Healing into the mainstream (and hospitals). In order to do this he has setup the Sound Healing Research Foundation, and has also created plays and movies to help educate the general public. Beverly Ann Wilson Beverly, Crystal Bowl Master Alchemist, has participated in the Well-Care aspects of medicine and healing modalities of tone, movement and color since the early 1970's when she taught "Personal Health and Changing Life Styles" at Sonoma State, California. At The Crystal Room in Mt Shasta she joined with Crystal Tones, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2002. The consciousness of Crystal Tones' Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls (i.e. Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Ruby) integrated her energetic understanding of the mineral kingdom and sound healing. Crystal Tones at Mount Shasta was created. As a Crystal Bowl Master Alchemist she has participated in the inspiration and creation of the Citrine and Kyanite Bowls and all the multi-mineral vibrational Alchemy Bowl combinations. At Crystal Tones at Mount Shasta one can experience every kind of Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl in existence. There she teaches, gives workshops, group alignments and individual vibrational healing sessions. Through Sound Ceremony Beverly will demonstrate and you will embody the vibrational resonance of each Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl, using various playing techniques. She will complete your understanding of the Healing Powers of these vibrational tools with your experience of the 21 bowl Diamond Alignment. You will learn how to amplify the power of your intentions using your voice with Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. About Stewart Springs - http://www.stewartmineralsprings.com 4617 Stewart Springs Road Weed, CA 96094 Here's a picture of the bathhouse: Sequestered in the Mt. Shasta foothills, Stewart Mineral Springs offers a unique environment of sacred mineral waters, affordable accommodations, and a variety of workshops and retreats. The indigenous Karuk Tribe has respected these springs for generations, and we've honored their devotion for 130 years. Our commitment to every guest reflects these values. The retreat offers soothing private mineral baths ($23), a wood-burning sauna (free), cool river plunges, and reflection and transformation gained from a traditional sweat lodge. When you visit the springs, you will notice the special care that has been taken to keep the land pristine. You will enjoy the majesty of the trees and gentle sounds of Parks Creek that provides the source of our waters. The relaxing environment of Stewart is tucked in a secluded forest canyon yet minutes away from Mt. Shasta and the Pacific Crest Trail. Schedule Saturday 10-1 and 2-5 PM Sound Healing workshop with David. 6:30-9PM Sound Bath and Ascension Journey with David and Beverly. Sunday 10-1 ; 2:30 - 5:30 Resonating higher frequencies of Gratitude, Compassion, Love and Joy with Sound. The frequency of your Soul. Using sound to access Oneness and higher states of consciousness. Monday 11-1 (optional) - Sound Meditation up on the Mountain at Bunny Flat. Registration Workshop is $188 until March 8th To register go to www.SoundHealingCenter.com/love/shasta If you would rather do payment over the phone, or if you need more information call[masked] or email [masked] About Mt. Shasta Mount Shasta located in Northern California is a destination for mystics, gurus, sages and curious people from all over the world. Unexplained stories are endless and this enormous mountain is endeared by all who come to visit or live near her. This dormant volcano is not part of any mountain range. She's uniquely her own mountain in many ways. With a summit of 14,125 feet above sea level, Shasta is the second highest peak in the Cascade Mountain range. Her slopes rise abruptly nearly 10,000 feet above the surrounding landscape. Those who live in Mount Shasta the small town located on the base of the mountain, will tell you stories of encounters with Lemurians, the hidden city of Telos, Saint Germain, alien landings, and a certain special feeling that comes with being in the presence of Mount Shasta's vital energy or vortex. Our ancient ancestors knew a vortex or a gathering place of the earth's energy was sacred. This special mountain has such a vortex. Ancient cultures considered these vortexes, portals to a higher dimension of consciousness. If someone was near a vortex it activated and energized their etheric or energetic bodies making it possible for some to become aware of what mystics have discovered...our existence is multi-dimensional. Stewart Mineral Springs (530)[masked] If you cancel within three weeks before the event there is a 50% refund on the workshop fee. No refund on the rooms once booked. No refunds after June 15th Globe Institute offers State Approved Certificate and Associates Degrees in Sound Healing and Therapy for over 15 years (www.SoundHealingCenter.com). The Institute also has a Sound Healing Store (www.SoundOfLove.com) and Sound Therapy Center (www.SoundTherapyCenter.com).

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Sound of Love Weekend Workshop

Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute


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