Sound Healing Certificate Program Summer Intensive

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These classes inclulde 10 of the top instructors in the field.

You will learn how Sound and Vibration work at all levels of reality -- Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. We work with the voice, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and a wide range of other instruments. Students get to use all of the instruments and technologies in our Sound Healing Store.

Classes are 10AM - 9:30PM every day. There is also lodging available for only $200 for the while 10 days.

This is 1/2 of Globe Institute's Certificate program (not necessary to take the whole program). The second 1/2 is August 3rd - 13th.
These classes are the one's that are best done at the Institute (rest can be done Online if you like).

There are 3 main goals in the program:

1. Learn how the whole Universe works based on the laws of vibration as explained in physics.
2. Enjoy a wide range of experientlal sessions to get it into your body at a deep level.
3. Learn a large number of skills and techniques you can use to work in the field or open up your own practice.
The program includes 5 Courses... all of which can be taken individually.

The Overview course gives you an understanding of the basic structure of sound, and how sound can be used for various intentions –physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We look at the history of sound healing and where the future is leading. We begin with the physics of sound, resonance and the harmonic structure of sound. We do a thorough examination of the physiology of the body and it’s relation to the emotional and spiritual bodies. We also explore the use of sound to bring people into particular brainwave states, such as delta, theta, alpha and gamma.
The classes on Sound Healing Instruments (in the Overview Course) focus on using the Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, and a full range of other instruments for healing and raising consciousness. You learn about archetypal frequencies and how different tonal qualities affect us. You also learning how to play each instrument and various ways to use them in a sound healing session or event.

The Inner Awareness and Transformation course is about using sound as tool for your own inner work. The clearer of a vessel you are, the cleaner the energy that you transmit when working on people or clients. This work is about releasing deep patterns emotional and mentally. As you experience these techniques for yourself, you also learn how to use them to help others heal themselves. We then embark on many experiential and transformative workshops using sound and intention — including those that combine sound with movement.

The Inner Music course is about seeing Music as the structure of the nature and the Universe — and us physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. You will learn how musical intervals are the relationship between any two things in the Universe — whether that be two planets, two plants, two crystals, or two people.

The Voice, Toning, Chant and Mantra course focuses on how to use the voice for making a full range of sounds — for healing others and yourself and to create a field of coherent sacred space. We practice toning, chants from all over the world, the power of mantra, and overtone singing.

The Sound Consciousness and Spirituality course is designed to give you an deeper understanding of how healing occurs, and what higher consciousness is in the first place.

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