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South Bay WASP - Web Application Security Project. Gain career changing experience with hands-on web application exploitation and network penetration testing training.

South Bay WASP is a laboratory meetup similar to lab portions of technical classes at a community college or technical school. A laptop computer is required. See the meetup description for required software which may have some additions depending upon the week's topic.

For people who are new, the CompTIA Security+/A+ certifications are a recommended starting point. Computer Information Systems and Computer Science courses from a community college are useful.

The next level of certification for penetration testers is the ECCouncil Certified Ethical Hacker. For a more administrative certification look up CISSP from (ISC)².

For advanced certification look up OSCP from Offensive Security.

There are numerous other certification programs available.

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Getting Your Foot in the Door for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

This presentation gives you a sneak peek into the world of being a student preparing for a software engineering and cybersecurity internship, although it leans more heavily on the engineering side. I will walk through my experiences applying for internships this past summer, which include my success and failures. What I wish I knew before I transferred to UC Berkeley, while I was at the community college to be better prepared for the intensely competitive environment of internships. I will also include possible pathways in engineering. Even though you may not want an engineering career, I think it is important to know the design that goes into the devices you will potentially hack, and also develop your algorithmic skills in the process. Speaker: Jason Bustani Bio: Jason is currently a senior at UC Berkeley transferred from El Camino College majoring in Computer Science. He is currently working on a research project with a professor at UCLA on a tutorial for students and professionals to learn control theory using an inverted pendulum kit. He has his roots at SBWASP. He used to be a regular attendee and has done a presentation before on reverse engineering video games using a disassembler and debugger. He is interested in both engineering and the reverse ;). Hobbies: On his time off he usually enjoys playing the occasional online PC games(Quarantine makes this especially important.) He is also learning new topics such as Machine Learning, which he plans to implement during his break on stock data.

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Is Your TV Watching You? Yes...Yes It Is!

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