What we're about

We are a community of sisters who are looking to connect, play and learn.

This is also a playground where mothers create a purpose-filled life while nourishing mother's soul.

We hold a sacred place for all mothers regardless of your race, parenting style or religion. We are here together because we care. We care about ourselves. We care about our children. We care about the world we are living and the future of our planet earth.

We are also here to empower women walking the challenging and rewarding path of motherhood: to reconnect with the deep well of resources within; to find a safe, supportive and inspiring sisterhood with other mothers; and to explore how to integrate parenting, motherhood, feminine, transformation and spirituality.

One woman at the time we bring forth the changes to our world through authenticity and heart-centered connections

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time. A Women’s Circle is a way for us to come together to drop in, tell stories, support and inspire each other.

Through the exploration of this ancient, more tribal way of connecting - in our own way as modern women - we bring forth a more feminine and egalitarian way of communal experience and thus bring a deeper meaning, more joy and sense of direction in our lives.

We connect through circles, retreats, workshops/talks or social gatherings in Los Gatos and/or Santa Cruz.

My intention is to create a safe, sacred and supportive space for mothers to dive deep within, and find new places of opening, expression and resting in the integration of all of who they are.

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