Artificial Intelligence Ethics in the Real World

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Chris will address the applicability of ethics to artificial intelligence. As the AI/Engineering leader of the multi-disciplinary AI Responsibilities team at Lockheed Martin, Chris shares responsibility for Lockheed Martin's AI ethics strategy, and is one of the primary authors of their AI ethics policies and guidelines (in partnership with his counterpart from the corporate Ethics team).

In this talk, Chris will start by addressing how ethical concerns around artificial intelligence fit into AI research, development, deployment, and operationalization – along with legal and regulatory constraints. He will finish by addressing existing ethical frameworks for AI, and how they need to be extended into the future.


Chris Benson is Principal Artificial Intelligence Strategist at Lockheed Martin, where he focuses on artificial intelligence strategy, high-performance computing strategy (AI supercomputers), AI ethics strategy, and public relations / communications for various AI topics and events.

He was previously Chief Scientist for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at Honeywell SPS, where he created Honeywell's very first dedicated AI team.

Chris is Co-Host of the Practical AI podcast, which reaches thousands of AI enthusiasts each week, and is also the Founder & Organizer of the Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup - one of the largest AI communities in the world. Known for his passion, energy, and clarity, Chris is among the AI community's most in-demand professional keynote speakers.

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