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Speaker Co-op is THE ORIGINAL Business Speaking Organization.

• First to Bring Business Speakers Together – http://www.Meetup.com/SpeakerCoop - In January, 2006, we held our first meeting in Dallas, reaching out to businesspeople and subject matter experts who speak as a Business Strategy. We’re positioned right in the middle of the Speaking Spectrum between Toastmasters and the National Speakers Association.

• First Website to Find Business Speakers – Since March, 2006, SpeakerCoop.com has been a Resource for Event Planners and Organization Volunteers, helping them find great speakers for their meetings, conventions, and events.

• First Business Speaker Organization in Multiple Cities – In March, 2010, Speaker Co-op held our first meeting in Houston - http://www.Meetup.com/Speaker-Co-op-Houston.

• First Business Speaker Booking Service – In October, 2012, we started making phone calls and sending emails for a select group of Speakers. Now, we’re putting Speakers in front of audiences all over the world.

• First Meetup Speaker Community to reach 1,000 Members.

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Bridget Hom - Behind the Lectern

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# Bridget Hom

"Take the business out of the relationship, and your relationships will bring you business."
Bridget Hom is the founder of Bridge to Freedom Coaching and the "Law of Deservability". As a professional emotional intelligence life and business coach, she focuses on helping entrepreneurs and leaders in industries to partner with their future successful selves, gain a romance with life, and create empowered client interactions forever.

Join Our Live Audience as We Record Another Episode!

What is Behind the Lectern?

It's a multicast For Speakers, By Speakers.
Each Episode, join Speaker & Speaking Mentor Jeff Klein as he picks the brain of a Speaker.

We'll learn together from successful speakers and we'll mentor newer speakers along the way.

Live Episodes are broadcast via Zoom and Clubhouse. By appearing in our Live Studio Audience, you agree to be recorded and broadcast in perpetuity throughout the Universe.

Recorded Podcasts will be available soon where you get all your Podcasts.

Co-op The Mic: Speaker Showcase w/Professional Coaching

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Co-op The Mic: Speaker Showcase w/Professional Coaching
Come see Speaker Co-op Members practice the Art of Speaking.
See 7-minute work-in-progress talks, and pieces of talks, followed by constructive comments to make them even better.
RSVP to be featured.
Coaches include Jeff Klein, Sherry Prindle, and others.

Free Education Zoom - Every 2nd Tuesday

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Every Second Tuesday.

This is our monthly educational call for business people who speak.

Each month we'll bring you an expert to teach how to excel at one of the aspects of Speaking As a Business Strategy.

RSVP TODAY and log in to http://www.SpeakerCoop.com/Education for more free education. If you have not already, you will be asked to opt in to become a FREE Community Member.

We draw these experts from our Spotlight Members & Premier Members.

For more information about Memberships, please visit http://www.SpeakerCoop.com/membership.

For questions, email [masked].

Barbara Salmeron's Gong + Bowl Meditation - Sacred Sound Journey

*Registration required! PLEASE READ:

Gong+Bowl Meditation- Sacred Sound Journey for Stress Relief!
Join us for a powerful Sacred Sound Journey Gong Meditation with Symphonic Gongs, Singing Bowls, and other unique instruments!
This Gong meditation is skillfully led by Gong Master/Teacher Barbara Cole Salmeron, who has years of experience after being trained by many of the Masters around the world. This is not a yoga class.
***RSVP is required as this event sells out fast! $30 per person
Book here: https://www.eventbrite.com/.../sacred-sound-journey-gong...
Self Unbound
6600 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway #105
Dallas, TX 75240
No prior experience, effort, or practice is required to participate - everyone welcome!
Wear comfortable clothing. Bring your own yoga mat or blanket to lay down on. Bring anything to make yourself comfortable (pillow, bolster, etc.) Bring a pen or pencil and journal if you like, to record the experience after.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in and get settled. Doors will close promptly at our scheduled start time.
Sign up today to save your spot.
Questions or trouble finding us? You can TEXT Barbara at[masked] for fastest response!
More about the Gongs:
See how easy DEEP relaxation can be, just lay back and breathe...Releasing that which no longer serves you, experiencing bliss and moving forward feeling recharged and re-energized!
The gong is an ancient instrument and its healing vibrations have been used around the world for almost 6,000 years.
Listeners can benefit in numerous ways, including deeper sleep for several nights, stress relief, stilling the mind and strengthening the nervous system to effectively deal with daily, stressful challenges. We will also utilize bronze and crystal bowls and other unique instruments for this sacred journey.
This is an EASY and fun event, appropriate for any age or experience level. The gong helps people to achieve a MUCH deeper state of meditation than one is normally able to experience using other methods! Perfect for those new to meditation...
No prior experience, effort or practice is required to participate, everyone welcome! The gong does not conflict with any religious beliefs, it simply quiets the mind. Enjoy, relax comfortably, and breathe deeply for a healing sound experience of the gong.
It is also a good idea to have a bottle of water (with a lid)! Note: No glass is allowed in yoga room.
Call or text Barbara Cole Salmeron if you have trouble finding us, at[masked]. Text is ALWAYS best, especially within 60 minutes of event time!
For more info on ALL of our events, please visit: www.Facebook.com/ScienceOfStressRelief/events

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Bridget Hom - Behind the Lectern

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