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FREE Online LIVE Webinar with Misha The Healing Process in NEW Reality Mar 13th

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From Valentina, Group Organizer:

“I am so very sorry guys for making some updates & announcements at the very last minute! Misha & Yuliya just got their second baby. Now I really don’t know anymore when they would be able to do another FREE Webinar. And I so want to share this rare chance with you!”

FREE Online LIVE Webinar with Misha:

The Healing Process in NEW Reality

Time to learn about Healing & Time to receive Healing

Misha is Russian Bio-Energy Master, Intuitive & Spiritual Teacher.

Join us for a webinar on Mar 13, 2013 at 8:00 PM MDT.
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Misha will talk about The Healing Process in NEW Reality

Also what happens during Misha Bio-Energy session,

what happens during the next 48 hours after a session,

and what you need to do to get maximum benefits from the session.

It is a great & very unique opportunity to receive healing energy.

Since we started doing webinars, people have been reporting

feeling of a huge amount of healing energy

transmitted to them during the webinar...

Misha will bring valuable information about current times & changes in our reality.

It is always hard to make a specific topic for the webinar because during classes and group events, important information comes (He channels the information.)

the way that is meant to be shared for this particular audience.

So please use this opportunity to ask your questions at the end & have them answered.
If this date does not work for you, please let me know if you are interested in future webinars.

If you have any questions or you need help with registration

please call Yuliya at[masked] or e-mail to:

Our Website:

We just had a new addition to our family, a baby boy, Alexei born on February 2nd.
These days Misha mostly does Long Distance Healing work using the picture of the person.

We have not been doing much traveling lately.

Although we are planning to come to Denver last weeknd of March, March 29-31

Blessings, Yuliya Jirnov, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Our NEW home address:

Yuliya & Mikhail Jirnov 2245 Aspen Dr, Ridgway, CO 81432

Here are some Comments from previous Webinars with Misha:

"..I was quite impressed with the 2 hr web event. Just the `idea’, within the internet reality, to connect in a Saturday coffee conversation morning to the other side of the world is significant in itself. Viewers can post questions in the type-in box and he answers them. I followed info to his website and to his FB page as well. He was also very enthusiastic concerning the implications of these webinar `sharings’. He says he plans another one very soon." (S. A. - Modesto, CA)


"I loved seeing Alexei on the webinar! He has such a full, serene face. Also it was good to have it affirmed that we are moving into the power and reality of the heart. I can feel that so strongly. Such a welcome shift. Thank you both for doing this so soon after Alexei's birth." (L.S.-Taos, NM)


"I slept into the energies you sent me...often saying Misha I want to stay here in these energies (not to stay at this house)....I was so without pain, ah

and I woke this morning shaking with the understanding that came in...about how wrapped in love I was and how LOVE is what is being denied in all the incidents here at this house and in this neighborhood...

and...the gum where there was an open wound is healed.

THANK YOU" (M.G. -Taos, NM)


"I enjoyed the webinar very much.
I wish I could listen to meditation again."
(N.M. - Denver, CO)


"Dear Mischa
Thank you for inviting me to your webinar. It was a pleasure to "meet" you. Sometimes your words were garbled and difficult to understand but your spirit came through loud and clear and your open-heartedness was radiant.
All the best to you and your family. (K.B.-San Francisco, CA)

"Hello Yuliya,

Yes, I enjoyed the Web broadcast very much. I am an RN and I have been both interested and involved with these topics for many years.

I did ask a question. Misha is much like a naturally inclined athlete. Some people have a disposition for touch that is more refined than others even though all of us can `touch’....just as some people can swim faster, run farther or jump higher than others. I asked about the torus electrical heart field. Misha responded to my question from an astrological consideration. I was trying to phrase the question to be addressed from a purely bio-magnetic consideration. I will say though that I do practice astrology as well. Healing across distance or by proximity of direct touch seems to involve the plasmic ionization of these fields. Exercise and practice is then that which allows the regular person to develop skills which seem extra-ordinary to others much as we applaud the practiced skills of Olympic athletes. There seems then a key point in training and developing the extension of this intrinsic torus field emanation as a transmitting conduit.

I see from your bio that you are an accomplished acupuncturist. I follow the literature and lessons of Mantak Chia as he shares the perspectives of pranayamic/Taoist breathing of the micro/macrocosmic envelopes.

As a RN, I am more inclined to provide services for home health, end of life issues and hospice. There is a subtle and distinct difference between curing and healing. The assisting and the seeking to resonate with a serenity of spirit seems to me to be an important concern for these changing times.

I share these thoughts in anticipation of listening to the next web broadcasts.

You organized the event very well and managed the technical aspects of its presentation equally well. I do imagine that you are going to be keeping archives of this and future broadcasts for others to be available on your website.
Thank you, S.A. "