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Welcome to Spirit of Adventure. We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area who enjoy things like rock climbing, cave exploring, hiking, backpacking, whitewater rafting and kayaking, ice climbing, mountaineering, skiing and hang gliding/paragliding. If it's in the outdoors and adventurous, we enjoy it. We enjoy frequent trips, great friendships and lots of laughter. We welcome everyone from beginners to the experienced. Our trips are generally planned to introduce people to the outdoors as well as giving experienced adventurists a place to gather. If our trips do not specify that they are for experienced people, everyone is invited. If you are a beginner, you are welcome to participate. Furthermore, we welcome new leaders and people whose experience allows them to teach their skills to others.

Note that we are not professionals or guides so everyone must be personally responsible for their safety and well-being. Yet it is our goal to combine knowledge of the activity, proper equipment and enough planning to make safety our highest goal. Nevertheless, accidents can happen. Personal responsibility is mandatory. By participating in our events, you agree not hold the leaders or members responsible for your safety. You don't have to be in great physical shape to participate. However, you should not have any health issues that would prevent you from enjoying physical exertion. As you enjoy various adventures with us, you will enjoy the feeling of getting in shape.

Please sign up with your full name. Our sign up process is partly a legal release form.

Among our goals is to enjoy a group where we can have good adventures friends. We operate on consensus and democratically, rather than around a single leader. We value positive communications among members and avoid gossip. We welcome your participation and your outdoor gifts.

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I've been eyeing this trip for a while, and now is the time to do it! We have the permit secured for 6 people, so it's a relatively small group. But, it's also a relatively difficult trip. Overall distance is about 35 miles from Bayview Campground on Emerald Bay to the base of the Mt. Ralston trailhead on US 50. Along the way we'll summit Dicks Peak, Jacks Peak, Mt. Price, Mt. Agassiz, Pyramid Peak, Mt. Ralston, and scale the "Slabs of Insanity" (see event photo). Elevation gain and loss will be tremendous, so be prepared for that. This is not a good first time backpacker, and some experience mountaineering/route finding off trail is definitely recommended. You will be rewarded with amazing views, probable wildflowers, good times, physical exercise, and great company! Plus, you'll summit the highest peaks in the Tahoe region. Basic itinerary is as follows: Thursday, 7/16: Meet in Santa Rosa in the afternoon and carpool up to Tahoe via US 50. Drop off one car at the Mt. Ralston take out. Drive into South Lake Tahoe and park the other cars at Camp Richardson for the weekend. Then, take a Lyft up to the trailhead since Bayview is popular and will likely be full already. Hike in about a mile to Granite Lake to camp. Friday, 7/17: Start on trail and hike along the PCT to Dick's Pass. Then, hike off trail up and over Dick's Peak and Jack's Peak and back down to Lake Aloha to spend the night (~13 miles). Saturday, 7/18: Start along lake Aloha and hike to Mosquito Pass. Ascend the Slabs of Insanity (class 2 climbing max) and pass through the notch to come around the west side of Mt. Price. Follow the west side of the Crystal ridge to Mt. Agassiz, then drop down to the east side and scale the NE face of Pyramid Peak. Drop off the southeast side of Pyramid Peak and down into Desolation Valley to likely camp at Ropi Lake (~15 miles). Sunday, 7/19: Hike out of Desolation Valley to the summit of Mt. Ralston. Hike down and back out to the car, drive back to south lake tahoe to get the other cars, and go back home! Celebrate with a beer on Tahoe if desired (~6 miles). Please comment below if you have any questions. We're a ways out, but I wanted to gauge interest in the event. Event cost covers the permit cost.

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