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This is a positive and fun group for those who want to share, explore, learn and grow both personally and spiritually. All of us are at different stages on our spiritual paths, from those just beginning to those who have been on it for several years. This is an interesting time, where many are experiencing a “spiritual awakening” to other possibilities, where they seek a greater understanding, knowledge, and awareness in their lives from a spiritual, holistic, or metaphysical perspective.

Join this meet-up and:

* Gain a better understanding of different aspects of spiritual, holistic, or metaphysical subjects

* Learn to trust and follow your intuition or remove energetic or emotional blocks that hold you back

* Deepen your understanding of your Spiritual Path, of yourself, and of the world around you

* Meet, connect, and network with other like-minded people

* Learn different methods of holistic healing practices or exercises (Reiki, Yoga, Tai-chi, Spiritual Subjects, Meditation, Sound Vibrational Healing, etc)

* Talk about spiritual topics in a safe, compassionate, and judgment-free environment

* Grow personally and spiritually

*** And more!

Whatever your background is, this group is designed to be easy-going, inspirational, enlightening, compassionate, accepting, and most of all FUN.



PLEASE-Your hosts and organizers work hard to provide you the highest quality events. There has been a negative trend towards signing up for events and actual attendance. When you RSVP Yes to any event this is an agreement to attend. It is not a "maybe" or a "no". "No shows" are highly disruptive to our classes and events and as a result I've needed to remove people who are constant no shows from this group. PLEASE be courteous to your hosts & organizers and if you cannot attend an event update your RSVP or let them know ahead of time. Thank you!!!

Many blessings to you as you continue along your journey!

Upcoming events (5+)

Group Animal Communication with Kim Tallcouch

Unicorn Meadow Farm- Suffield, CT


Kim has the ability to communicate with your animal companion (both alive and crossed over) on a spiritual and telepathic level. She can provide healing insight and understanding about a pet to their “pet parent”. This insight and information can help put a caretaker more in tune with how to enrich the overall experience and relationship with their pet. A session with Kim only requires a photo of your pet and could reveal: *Insight into the origin of your pet’s behavioral or medical issues and possible solutions to address these issues. *Additional ways to meet the pet’s physical, emotional or health needs. *Suggestions from the pet on how to enhance their life experience. *How the pet perceives their environment, medical conditions or treatment options. *How the pet relates to the other members of their family (both 2 legged and 4 legged members). *How to form a deeper connection and bond with your pet. Cost: $20 Cash at the door *Please bring a picture of your pet. Reservations limited to 11 to ensure that everyone gets a reading.

SHAMAN'S TENT: Walking with Your Inner Sage

Spirit Matters LLC


This is a series to touch in with your inner knowing, the sage that partners with you but whose voice is sometimes not heard or not recognized as your own divine light. We all have those times when the voice seems too soft, or our own doubting voice dismisses it through fear, lack of clarity, or mistrust. This series helps you connect with that divinity and learn to trust it. We will look at the shadow who mistrusts, the sacred warrior who finds the peace, the diviner who connects with the inner sage and the inner sage who embraces the whole of who you are. Join us to explore the Shaman’s way of envisioning life through shamanic journeying, wisdom sharing, and heartfelt ceremony. You may attend one morning or more, $20/morning, 1st Saturdays, December 7, January 4, February 1, March 7. Patricia Shannon, MS, owner of Andean Bliss facilitates. Register with Patricia at[masked], or [masked]. www.SpiritMattersCT.com

Pop up show-Healing gifts for the hoidays


Holiday Pop Up Show Saturday 12/7 12-4 pm Chi for healing with Erik Harris and Crystal Grids with Carrie Borgen are hosting a pop up show for the holidays. We will have sales on tinctures, teas, gift certificates, crystals, grid cloths, jewelry, and more. There will be Free samples of teas and tinctures. Free Ear reflexology sessions will be available. Shop local this holiday season for health conscious gifts! This show is located in Middletown, CT contact [masked] or[masked] for more information

Serenity Grove Psychic Circle-Enfield CT

D'Aleo house


Serenity Grove Wellness Center is excited to invite you to our public psychic circle (psychic share). We look forward to seeing our community of friends and meeting new comers who are open to discover. Rev. Heather DeLusso & Lisa Huppert have worked hard at creating a psychic circle for our students and now for everyone who is looking for a safe environment to foster and embrace gifts you may have and or gifts you would like to develop further. Please note this is a practicum circle designed to develop intuitive gifts along with practicing how to give and receive messages. You’re welcome to bring an object or picture to practice “clairtangency”, but note it is not necessary. Psychic Circle is located at the D'Aleo house at 18 Spier Rd. in Enfield CT located right off route 5 at the Interstate 91 exit 47W. Parking is on the driveway as well as the street. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle. IMPORTANT!! Seating Limited: Please ALSO RSVP by email or phone: [masked] OR[masked] Here's to new friends, old friends, and friends we have yet to meet!

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