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This is a positive and fun group for those who want to share, explore, learn and grow both personally and spiritually. All of us are at different stages on our spiritual paths, from those just beginning to those who have been on it for several years. This is an interesting time, where many are experiencing a “spiritual awakening” to other possibilities, where they seek a greater understanding, knowledge, and awareness in their lives from a spiritual, holistic, or metaphysical perspective.

COVID-19 INFORMATION (2021-2022):

Due to the changes with the pandemic and local ordinances this group offers a variety of in-person and online events. In person events may be subject to local mask or social distance requirements.

Join this meet-up and:

* Gain a better understanding of different aspects of spiritual, holistic, or metaphysical subjects

* Learn to trust and follow your intuition or remove energetic or emotional blocks that hold you back

* Deepen your understanding of your Spiritual Path, of yourself, and of the world around you

* Meet, connect, and network with other like-minded people

* Learn different methods of holistic healing practices or exercises (Reiki, Yoga, Tai-chi, Spiritual Subjects, Meditation, Sound Vibrational Healing, etc)

* Talk about spiritual topics in a safe, compassionate, and judgment-free environment

* Grow personally and spiritually

*** And more!

Whatever your background is, this group is designed to be easy-going, inspirational, enlightening, compassionate, accepting, and most of all FUN. Many blessings to you as you continue upon your journey.



PLEASE-Your hosts and organizers work hard to provide you the highest quality events. There has been a negative trend towards signing up for events and actual attendance. When you RSVP Yes to any event this is an agreement to attend. It is not a "maybe" or a "no". "No shows" are highly disruptive to our classes and events and as a result I've needed to remove people who are constant no shows from this group. PLEASE be courteous to your hosts & organizers and if you cannot attend an event update your RSVP or let them know ahead of time. Thank you!!!

Upcoming events (4+)

Qi Gong Class to create inner peace through Zoom

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Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.

Qi Gong helps to increase the Qi (life force energy), circulate it, use it to cleanse and heal the body, and store energy within the body.

The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qi Gong helps to:

• reduce stress & anxiety

• build stamina

• increase vitality of the body & organs

• enhance the immune system

It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions.

One of the more important long-term effects is that Qi Gong reestablishes the body/mind/soul connection.

Appropriate for all ages and levels of experience/physical fitness.

Register here

$15 offering

paypal.me/chiforhealing or venmo @chiforhealing

Any questions please contact Erik at [masked][masked]

For more information on Erik, check out his website: https://chiforhealing.com

Free online beginner Yoga classes with Brian

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Gentle yoga classes emphasizing breathing, balance, strength building and relaxation. Led by Brian Mulligan, a certified yoga instructor who has taught in the Western Mass area for over 3 years.

These classes are appropriate for all levels and ages of practitioners.
These classes slowly cycle though a series of floor based or seated poses.

What you will need:
a yoga mat, a clear space, and an hour of uninterrupted time.

One hour classes offered Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm and Saturdays at 10am. These events are free.

About the instructor: Brian has earned a 200 hr. Certification from Yogaspirits, based out of Beverly, Ma. He also has certificates from Sloan Kettering’s Yoga for Cancer, Tari Prinster’s Yoga4Cancer and Kripalu’s Lakshmi Voelker’s chair yoga. He has also taught over 125 classes at various locations in Western Mass: Florence Organic Garden, Florence Indigo Health Center, Westhampton Library and Easthampton Library.

Quarryview Drum Circle

Needs a location

311 Brownstone Avenue Portland

A unique drumming community set overlooking the Brownstone Quarry reservoir. Join our community of players and dancers here at QV every Tuesday and Friday night until October. Tuesdays tend to be a more energetic/typical drum circle and Fridays are more flowy where people can play the softer instruments or sing/chant/dance. Come early and experience the beauty of the park, waterfalls, dinosaur footprints and walking trails. Bring a picnic and sit overlooking the water.

We often host fire-dancers by the back wall in full view of the drumming.

There is plenty of seating on the flat stone benches, or bring a chair of your own. Bring your own instruments or borrow one of theirs.

There is a $10.00 per carload parking fee-all proceeds go towards maintaining the park and keeping events going. There is free parking across the street for those who do not wish to pay the parking fee.

Messages from Spirit & Astrological Talks

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In these times of transformation and healing (personal and collective), our spiritual teams are by our side with guidance and light.
Our intention is to create a safe and supportive group where we can come together and welcome the assistance of our spiritual team with messages and love, while we share our experiences, challenges and learn from each other. We begin with a short meditation, an astrological discussion, looking into your own chart to see how the current energy is affecting your life. We welcome spirit to guide us and bring every week a message and loving guidance.
Tuesdays 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Tolland, CT
Price: $20 ($35) coming with a friend
To reserve your seat call [masked] or email [masked]

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Free online beginner Yoga classes with Brian

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