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In this increasingly frantic society, the time to reconnect to our "real Self" and to reflect on existential issues is almost disappearing and the possibility of meeting other people with whom to discuss such profound topics is almost impossible. Spiritual Network is born to create an oasis where to find relief from the arid superficiality of society, a community of people who have high ideals and deep values, a network in which to grow together. Today more than ever the world needs spirituality to return to a lifestyle that corresponds to our true self.
Spirituality as a way to listen to our inner voice, to live a life of beauty, love and friendship, spirituality as a path to harmony.

Aim of all events and workshops is to trigger a COLLECTIVE AND CONSCIOUSNESS R-EVOLUTION.

We will get inspiration from the ancient and sacred knowledge (from Christianity to Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Astrology, Yoga, etc.) and make it comprehensible and applicable in the daily life by using the modern tools of psychology and coaching. We will learn how to work with spiritual facts to expand our perception of reality, and transform our experience of living, by setting aside harmful and useless behaviours, and adopting behaviours that benefit ourselves and others.
We will cover and practice several subjects including: emotional management, meditation, public speaking, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Effective and persuasive communication, transactional analysis, body language, law of Karma, law of Attraction and of Resonance, alchemic symbolism, esoteric teachings, Initiatic science, etc..

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2020 resolutions! Awake, realign and evolve!

London Small Business Centre & Whitechapel Enterprise Hub

What do you want to create for 2020? Who do you want to be? How do you want to impact your communities and make a difference on this planet? Where are you in your soul's journey and what's next step? During this workshop, with a holistic approach, we will learn from the achievements and disappointments of the past year and get ready for a memorable new year. We will see, listen and experience about: - destiny of humanity and Soul's mission - stages of the evolution of the Soul - how to be solid in a liquid world - the importance of having a high ideal - challenges of the spiritual journey - New Year Resolutions EXERCISE: let's take a picture of our life and model it - 2020 toolbox: meditation, prayer, conscious speaking, etc. WHERE Whitechapel Enterprise Hub (Seminar Room) 206 Whitechapel Road - London E1 1AA WHEN Saturday 1 February 2020 Event starts at 15:00 and will end at 18:00 HOW be sure to reserve your place by sending an email with your name and surname to [masked] HOW MUCH EVENT'S COST SHARING (room, transports, etc.): £10 (cash at the entrance please) EVENT'S FEE: it's a no-profit event done for spirit of service. Apart the technical costs (£10), you are welcome to give (or not) the value you think most appropriate with what you have received. for more information about the organizer, please visit http://www.freeyourlife.me/about/

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