What we're about

We conduct Workshops and Retreats which include deep meditation using altered states to transform your live, connect you to your spiritual source, manifest what you want, transform your life and help you to find some clear guidance. We share our collective wisdom in the understanding that each of us is on a unique personal path. Guided meditation in a group setting allows participants to reach deep aspects of their souls, to clear energy blocks and to work on personal healing. We work with Love Energy, Reiki and Reiki drumming, relaxation, dancing, Chi Gong to increase our well being.

We use Altered States Meditation system. It is based on The Monroe Institute scientific work exploring deep altered states. Those states are similar to the ones that could be induced by use of drugs like Ayahuasca or LSD, but of course we are using meditation and higher energy vibrations for this purpose. ASM allows you to release energy blocks, deeply experience the love healing energy and to transform your life, the way you might want it. It is very easy to enter Altered States. You just need to relax deeply and concentrate on breathing technique, releasing any need to control your experience. It happens because of higher energy vibrations created in the room. Everybody will have a different journey and having a preconceived expectations of what it should be, could block your real experience. There is no requirement to have a specific belief system. The beauty of this Universe is in diversity of who we are.

Regular participation in workshops combined with recorded meditation would enable you to transform your life the way you want it to be.

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