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This Meetup group, sponsored by Eckankar in Indiana, is a spiritual resource for people of all faiths and beliefs. Eckankar is the Path of Spiritual Freedom. It is an individual, creative practice to experience and explore past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel.

Video: “What the Path of ECK Is All About” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY8gO-n0Bwg/)

The group is open to anyone, to come share (or simply listen to) different spiritual experiences and view points. Enjoy the freedom of being in a group that openly demonstrates understanding, respect for the experiences of others, and spiritual freedom.

There is never a cost for coming to or participating in our group meetings--just come and enjoy.

The opinions expressed in this site are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp.

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Online - Know Yourself as Soul

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“Soul is a divine part of God. All that remains is for you to recognize yourself. And to recognize yourself as a divine part of God, you must first – and more than anything else – recognize every living thing also as this part of God. "If there is nothing else than love in life, there is more than enough for all. So take this love that dwells in you and give it to the world.” –Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul, page 8 The concept of Soul is not well defined in our society. Most will say they believe they have a Soul and it will continue on after death. We will discuss that we are Soul, a particle of Divine Spirit. It is the life force that animates our body and mind. Most importantly, we will learn techniques and means to develop an awareness that Soul exists independently of body and mind. We as Soul can leave our body and travel in other worlds, the worlds written of in Holy Scriptures and mystical writings. These techniques are simple and can be practiced by anyone. But the real prize is learning that You are Soul, a divine spark of God. >Those who indicate they will attend will be sent the Zoom meeting link, meeting ID and password one day before the event. A phone number will be provided for those who will be using a phone to connect.

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Online - 3 Spiritual Keys for Better Health


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