Self-Compassion Workshop

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Yoga Intentions

4645 Broadway St. Suite C4 · Boulder, co

How to find us

Next to Ace Storage and across Broadway from Iron Works Gym. Park on Broadway or side street. Walk through archway of 4645 building, to end of parking lot and through 2nd archway. The entrance to Yoga Intentions is at the very end of the building.

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* Yoga Intentions is a little hidden, so if it's your first time in this space PLEASE NOTE the detailed directions to this MeetUp!*

Do you feel shame when you

...look at the numbers in your bank account?

...see yourself naked?

...consider recent setbacks and failures?

...receive negative feedback from others?

Do you get frustrated that certain habits or behaviors have not changed even though you have worked on them and know what you should be doing?

Do you secretly think that being tough on yourself is what you deserve or will result in better performance?

In life, it's very easy to be hard on ourselves. You may sometimes have a cruel inner dialogue, saying things you would never say out loud to another person. Other times, it is a crafty or almost subconscious felt experience of recurring shame and contempt. You may feel as though you have a repetitive undercurrent of thoughts and feelings that tell you that you aren't quite good enough.

This workshop will offer you an alternative to self-judgement: SELF-COMPASSION. So much of the peace that we desire to experience daily can be found by changing the relationship we have with ourself. Life as a human being will always be imperfect, involving mistakes and "almosts." The inevitable imperfection in life need not cause us suffering if we can learn to change our beliefs and internal paradigm.

Come join us to:

-Interact with other like-minded people about the practice of self-compassion.

-Unpack your unconscious internal narrative and create a new story which provides more love and joy.

-Write a love letter to yourself.

-Learn valuable methods of self-acceptance to simply incorporate into your day.

-Understand the spiritual implications of why we don't need to try to overcome our imperfect human nature.

Cost: $10
Please Bring: A journal/notepad and pen
Workshop Leader: Kelley Neumann