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OpenSports is where we are. opensports.net/sckc
Please go here to sign up for events, news and to become a member.

For more detail (than you'd ever want!) see below.  :-)

We adopted a new club management software which is very similar to MeetUp. It is called OpenSports. (opensports.net/sckc) It helps us streamline membership dues and waivers, schedule trips, events, and RSVP's into one system that can be viewed on the web or through an app on a phone. While some of you may be skeptical about adding another website/app to your lives, this system allows the club to reduce barriers and complexity for trip leaders looking to lead official SCKC trips and events. The SCKC OpenSports site can be found at opensports.net/sckc. Please take a minute to look at the site and sign up for the club today!

The OpenSports software is primarily set up to help teams organize players, and the wording is specific to "players" and "games", but it also works well for SCKC. If you have any trouble, you can contact  our club members Dave White at dvdwht82@gmail.com or David Crafton at davidcrafton@gmail.com and ask any questions that you have.

----> NOTE: Your membership to SCKC will be complete once you click on "Buy a Membership" and pay dues through OpenSports.

We look forward to seeing you on the water!
Join us at opensports.net/sckc.

Our website Calendar will show events and have a link to attend events.

There are two categories of membership:
- Individual (1 adult): $20/year (recurring or one-time)
- Youth (17 years old and under): $5/year

Current paid membership is required to participate in our events -- whether posted here or elsewhere. SCKC is a non-profit club. All dues go to cover club expenses for outings, clinics, etc. This includes advocating for access to, and the health of, our local waters.

Check out our Facebook page to share photos, ask questions, connect with other paddlers - but not official outings.

Our website is https://www.sckc.club/

Rushing whitewater, quiet mountain lakes, meandering rivers - the Inland Northwest has them all, and the Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club is the perfect way to experience them.

Dedicated to promoting safe and fun paddling of all types - canoes, kayaks (whitewater, sea and recreational), rafts and paddle boards - SCKC welcomes all paddlers of non-motorized craft.


Past events (167)

Season Kick Off Event May 23 at 6 PM

Needs a location

FWP (Flat Water Paddle)

Needs a location

Tuesday Night Flat Water Paddle - TBD

This event has passed

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