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SLDF August Meetup 2018

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Session 1

Title: Let's run C# in the browser

Are you struggling with your SPA(single-page application) in this fast-moving Javascript world? Are you struggling with which framework to select between Angular or React or Vue? You don't need to worry, here after thinking about these problems and you don't need to know JavaScript to create an SPA. Let's run native .NET in there full speed in the browser for C# based SPA.

In this session, you'll learn about next generation .net application, Blazor. Blazor is a single page web app framework built on .NET that run in the browser using WebAssembly, an Internet standard that all the browsers support.

Speaker: Manoj Bandara (ATL / TIQRI Corporation )


Session 2
Title: Bits and pieces you need to know before start coding with Microsoft Graph API

This session will introduction the things you need to getting started on Graph API. The authentication process using new AD2 and how to get the token as well as what is this token and why you need it. Lets get these pieces together and build a nice Graph API app from scratch.

Speaker: Fiqri Ismail (MVP)