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Connect, Share and Grow all in one place! Having been segregated for the last couple of years in distinct Microsoft Technical Communities, you now have the chance to interconnect with members of ALL our technical communities under this common portal! How convenient is that? Share your Knowledge, voice your thoughts and contribute. Let’s take the meaning of Interconnectivity to a whole new level!
Code of Conduct
We want all attendees to have an enjoyable experience at any Sri Lanka Developer Forum event. All attendees - speakers, volunteers, sponsors, hosts and organisers - are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct. If necessary, the organisers will act to enforce it.

All communication should be appropriate for a general audience, which may include children and people from many different backgrounds. Sexual language and imagery are not welcome.

Please be thoughtful when making jokes or discussing sensitive topics or issues that are likely to have a strong personal effect on some people. If in doubt, ask for advice or simply moderate your expression.

Sri Lanka Developer Forum will not tolerate harassment in any form, or language, imagery or behaviour that are:
• Sexist, racist or exclusionary
• Intimidating or threatening
• Insulting or unpleasant
• Personal attacks
• Trolling or insulting/derogatory comments

Harassment can include any unwelcome behaviour directed at another person.

Job postings
The best way to promote a role is to come to a meetup and ask for a short slot at the end of the talks - this shows you are engaging with the community and gives people a chance to ask questions.

Job postings on the site should be kept to the discussion boards. Job postings made any where else will be removed, with repeat offenders removed from the group.

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Sri Lanka Developer Forum October 2021 - Live Event

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SLDF July 2021 Meetup

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