SLDF Meetup - October 2018

This is a past event

144 people went


Session 1 - Form validation techniques with Angular

Angular is a rapidly rising technology which is updating super-fast. We are currently in version 6 and soon expecting 7. Among the tons of cool things you can do with it, learn how to use different techniques of form validations, their ups and downs and when to use what?

Topics Covered:
* Angular 6 form validation using template driven method and reactive forms method.
* Adding Angular Material to reactive forms and validations.
* Advantages and disadvantages of above methods.

Sachini Chathurika - (Associate Software Engineer - Ascentic)

Malika Munaweera - (Software Engineer - Ascentic )


Session 2: A real-world example with Microsoft Graph API and Outlook.

What if you have hundreds of invoices landed in your Outlook as in the email. And you need a way of processing them into real invoices or maybe store in a database. Lets discuss how to do this using Microsoft Graph API, Outlook and Azure functions.

Speaker: Hansamali Gamage (MVP)