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Pub Goers - The Boot and Alban Street Festival
Fair Pub Goers, It's 'Alban weekend' on Sunday 24th June St Peters street will be closed off with various stalls etc. There will be bands. I plan to pop along (and then hang out at The Boot for a couple of beers when the music doesn't take my fancy) Also 'Over 40 stalls offering the finest street food that we can find. Burgers, sausages, paellas, curries, pasties, noodles, falafel, salads, and more followed by icecreams, cakes, pies, pastries, crepes, cookies and cupcakes. All washed down with the offerings of local breweries, pubs, winestores, juicers and more. ' Obviously, we'll be all over the place at different times, so I propose to use The Boot pub ( as the central meeting spot (just across from the clock tower). Basically, I'll be there at certain set times (see below) and will retreat there when needing a beer :) Here's a link to the programme of events of events:'s-on/major-festivals-and-events/detail/62772/2018.06.24-alban-street-festival I won't be there for the whole thing but between 1.15 & 6pm at least - probably longer :) The music list is: TAXI RANK STAGE Soul, Reggae, acousticpop, Ukuleles and dance sounds! Acts include All That Soul, Silverrock, ARC, Katie’s Jumping Fleas, Hidden Jules and UR Crew. CURB-SIDE STAGE Street Cabaret, music, dance and small trampolines! Acts Include Bruce Airhead, Purple Allstars, Alban Bollywood, Pixie Studios, The Papersnakes and Bounce. I'll be in The Boot ( (Map here: ) the following times for at least 15 mins (and often far longer): • 1pm • 3pm • 5pm And of course, I'll be out and about with you lot throughout. I may well use the comments section of this meetup to provide some random tracking. The Boot ( are usually do a band Sunday night too - 7pm. So, that may well play a part too (maybe). Map to the Boot ( here: I'll be wearing the easily identifiable T-Shirt shown in the photo section for this event. Any problems finding us phone/text me on[masked]. Cheers Pete

The Boot

St Albans Market Place · St Albans


What we're about

Welcome to St Albans Pub Goers!

Our group will be indulging in the best, no nonsense pubs St Albans has to offer. It's for friendly people who want to get together and socialise over a drink in a decent pub.

Where will we go?

Our pubs of choice will:

Not be bars. We're after places with a bit of character, history and interest in them.
Be quiet enough we can actually hear each other talk (unless we're going for pub band, in which case all bets are off)
Have a respectable range of drinks – so that's proper beer, interesting wines & decent (hopefully non-ice cube laden) ciders. But if soft drinks are your thing then that's OK too.

In general, we will avoid:

Plastic pubs
Pubs/Bars with TVs
An over excess of 'woolly jumpers and beards' (St Albans may be the birth place of CAMRA but that's what CAMRA meetings & events are for)

So, to give you a feel, some of the ones I'm thinking of for starters (not a full list):

Farmers Boy
The Goat
Lower Red Lion
White Hart Tap
White Lion
Six Bells
Rose and Crown
The Boot

What sort of people should come?

St Albans Pub Goers are friendly people that are happy to chat about anything and everything. I'll always endeavour to make sure new (and nearly new) attendees get introduced to people – so, please make everyone welcome and don’t' be afraid to start randomly chatting to stranger (and be ready for people to do that to you too )

Any rules?

Due to the nature of some of the pubs (i.e. relatively small) I will sometimes limit numbers for a given event. Sorry about that. Obviously, these are public houses, so, that doesn’t actually stop anyone from turning up. However, I want to make sure the landlords/ladies are happy to see us and that we don’t crowd out everyone else in the pub (or, indeed, ourselves). So, please bear that in mind.

Also, with groups of medium numbers it's more important that your RSVPs are accurate. So, please:

Only RSVP "Yes", if you intend to come (i.e. not waiting for a 'better offer')
Should your plans change (which is fine) please update you're RSVP as soon as possible so someone else gets chance to attend.

For pubs with good beer gardens, this will be less of an issue (in summer )


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