"Efficient GPGPU programming" и "Non-conforming C++"

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В начале сентября нас ждет распределенная встреча! Два города, два сообщества C++ разработчиков, два доклада! Два офиса JetBrains будут соединены по телеконференции, объединяя сообщества Санкт-Петербурга и Мюнхена (https://www.meetup.com/MUCplusplus/).

Язык мепрориятия: английский
Спонсор мероприятия: компания JetBrains (https://www.jetbrains.com)

Title: Efficient GPGPU programming (from Saint-Petersburg)

Presenter: Ashot Vardanian. Ashot is a Computer Scientist with a background in Astrophysics, who primarily works on Artificial Intelligence and scalability issues in concurrent and distributed software. He uses C++ for all kinds of problems ranging from graphics, web and data parsing to machine learning, math and encryption.

Abstract: In this talk, we will cover the differences between writing software for CPUs in C++, GPU kernels in OpenCL and CUDA, and heterogeneous C++ code. We will benchmark hand-written kernels and compare them to existing high-level libraries. To wrap things up, we will discuss compilers and the future of heterogeneous computing.

Title: Non-conforming C++: the Secrets the Committee Is Hiding From You (from Munich)

Presenter: Miro Knejp. Miro wrote his first line of C++ code in 1997 at the age of 12, and it has been his programming language of choice ever since. He’s especially passionate about low-level programming, assembly, 3D graphics, and games engineering. Miro holds a Master’s degrees in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich. He has worked on projects ranging from designing 3D rendering libraries to building airport self-boarding control systems. He currently works as freelancer and trainer, with the goal of creating his own video game one day.

Abstract: These days everyone talks about conforming and portable C++. Compiler vendors celebrate increasing conformance. Committee agents blind us with new shiny toys coming to the language. But there is a darker side to C++. A C++ you are not supposed to know about.

What if I told you there was more to C++ than what the agents of The Committee want us to believe? Over decades programmers all around the world have added features to the language in form of compiler extensions that let us do even greater things. Some are completely new, and some are lifted from C to C++ to allow some interesting, and sometimes more efficient, application.

We will see how statements can become expressions, how "goto" with extra superpowers can make your programs faster, and why there exists an operator named after a famous rock star. These are just a few examples of what to expect as listing any more would draw unwanted attention from The Committee. Unfortunately, because these extensions are not part of ISO C++, using any of them comes at the expense of portability. Or does it?


19:00 — Welcome at JetBrains with food and drinks
19:30 — Welcome in both St. Petersburg and Munich
19:40 — First talk (1h)
20:40 — Break (20min)
21:00 — Second talk (1h)
22:00 — End of talks