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What we’re about

A Group for Responsible Citizens

As do many others, we see the national community is experiencing a period of political stress. For the democratic system to work more effectively, it is necessary for citizens to educate themselves, to a higher level, in the workings of America (economic, healthcare, defense, education, etc., systems) and to engage actively in politically focused dialogue. Note: it is hard to fix a broken automobile if one does not know how an automobile works.

We are forming APOLITICAL (OBJECTIVE), POLITICALLY FOCUSED DISCUSSION GROUPS. The plan is to establish groups of fifteen to twenty members each.
This is an exploratory site established to measure community interest. If you think you may be interested – please sign up and invite your friends to do so also. We will collect names for four or five weeks, then hold an organizing meetup. After seeing what we are about – you can decide whether you are interested in participating. If the interest level is high enough we will establish one or several discussion groups.

The thinking, now, is to hold meetups at a coffee house or coffee houses (if the interest level is very high and more than one meeting place is needed).
Discussions will alternate between following issues covered in a discussion guide (available in Kindle and paperback form) and current events and issues reported on in the media. Discussion Groups will meet twice a month and be scheduled for one hour sessions, but may run a little longer.

If there is enough interest – we will schedule weekday morning, afternoon, after work hours (i.e., happy hour), and early evening discussion meetups. We may schedule meetups on weekends, also.

The sooner people register; the sooner we can begin forming groups and scheduling meetups. The sooner you start attending meetups, the sooner you will start making new friends and inoculate yourself against winter cabin fever.

We see the establishment of apolitical (objective), politically focused discussion groups as a way to help move the country forward. We certainly hope you will join us.

Charles F.