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"Step into your Power"

Classes, workshops and ceremonies that include Breath techniques, Yogi techniques, Channeled meditations, Shamanic Journeying, Energy Healing, Visualisation, Heart healing , Guided meditation, Chakra healings, Light-body activations, messages from the Starbeings, beach ceremonies, Goddess circles and ceremonies that bring you in to Oneness with Mother Earth. All the techniques taught are fun and easy ways of developing your spiritual awareness, connecting with your spirit guides exploring the infinite self, and raising your vibration and connection. Most importantly you will feel happier, healthier and more peaceful.

'It is from this state that you are truly in your power'.

These Classes are open to everyone whether you have never done meditation before or have lots of experience. There are lots of different ways of meditating. You don't need to worry about not getting it "Right" There is no right or wrong. Being guided through meditation, allows you to relax and indulge in yourself. When someone else leads you through it you can let go of the part of you that needs to judge and monitor what you are doing. Your mind and body get to be quiet in a loving peaceful space and get to be nurtured for an evening. When you allow yourself this space you discover so much about yourself: When you are relaxed, your heart is open, when your heart is open you are truth.

Katy Starlight is a experienced channel, meditation teacher and holder of space. I work with many different spirit guides include the Starbeings and Indigo Councils of the light. I teach people to channel and connect to their intuition. I do Lightwork projects working with the Crystal grid and Sacred sites around the world. Starlight Meditation runs empowerment retreats and soul travel journeys in the uk and abroad.

The space and class is filled with love and fun so that you are able to be in your full, unique and brilliant power.

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Clarity-a by donation Inner Discovery Journey

Online Webinar

Clarity - By Donation Inner Discovery Journey 4th -8th July 2020 On the 4th there will be an opening in the evening TBC Thereafter the live transmissions will be: 10.30am -12noon BST All transmissions can be watched live or recorded. Book here please: https://www.starlight-temple.com/event-details/clarity-by-donation-inner-discovery-journey (Donate -whatever is right in your heart- after the journey has completed) This time may be urging you to step into the Primal, Primordial, powerful wild part of yourself. “After the Storm comes Clarity” after such an intense and powerful Eclipse window I can think of no better discovery journey than Clarity, may she give us meaning, may she show us and shine through us…. This mini discovery journey is by donation, you can make the donation after the journey once you know what it is worth to you. By turning inwards we will find we have the ability to adapt to our circumstances rather than be overcome by them. This is a powerful time to heal and dream and welcome more of our divine potential into the world. My guidance is as a human collective we are meant to use this time to discover some of the themes of Nature’s Deep Feminine wisdom such as; Immunity, Community, Resilience, Purification, Exposure, Clarity, Resourcefulness, Stillness, Strength, Sovereignty, Surrender. By discovering and exploring these themes as tools for healing, manifesting, wisdom and more we can birth into greater states of our own potential. I have also been guided to run some channeled Inner Discovery Journeys on the above themes, to help people start exploring and discovering them within themselves as wisdom, as medicine, as knowledge as power. This will be an inner discovery journey of exploring the theme of Clarity in this time of ascension. In a sacred temple online space over four Channeled transmissions, we will be exploring and awakening the knowledge and nature of Clarity within ourselves. I can not wait to find out what Clarity illuminates within us and radiates through us…. Here are the titles of the Transmission - we will see what unfolds... Clarity as frequency Transmission Clarity as Ceremony Channeled Guidance Clarity Medicine Manifesting Through Clarity These Inner Discovery Journeys will be done by donation, once the journey is complete you can donate whatever feels right in your heart. So Much Love and Blessings to you all Kahreela https://www.starlight-temple.com


The Starlight Temple is delighted to be holding space for a by donation Full Moon Fire and Light Chamber ceremony. On this sacred night when the June Triple Eclipse Window Completes. Book here - https://www.starlight-temple.com/event-details/fire-and-light-chamber-ceremony-for-the-luna-eclipse-gateway This is a ceremony of Clarity, Gentleness and Softness - after the Storm of the Eclipse window- this divine night is our arrival. We will gather in an energetic circle to cleanse and transmute that which the mighty Eclipse window stirred up in us. Clearing and transmuting with the Temple Fires on this gateway night. The ceremony is one of harmonisation and rebirth. Held in Tantric and Emerald code light chamber, we will be receiving and attuning to 5 Softness medicine energy frequencies that will assist us in soothing the different bodies of the self and melting into vibrational oneness with more of cosmic destinies. The softness Frequency medicines will be: Lavender for gentle wisdom of the Mind Chamomile for Calming the Nervous System Rose for Infusing love into the Emotional body Dandelion of illuminating the Energy body We will end the ceremony in the frequency of Rosemary as brings us into connection with the Eden Frequencies of mother Gaia. This is a beautiful ceremonial journey of raising your vibration and becoming more of your divine Self It is overlighted by Mary Magdalena, Sananda, Goddess Luna and Gaia, and supported by the Lumeria - Aquaria Lineage Temples, The Star Council of the Light, The Plant Kingdom and the Tribe of the Kah. 5th June 2020 7.30pm -9.30pm The zoom room will be open from 7.15 for Community chat time! This Ceremony will be by donation, you donate afterwards or before - whatever feels right in your heart. Please donate here: https://www.starlight-temple.com/donate Starlight Temple's online fire and light chamber prayer ceremony are sacred gatherings in this time of ascension. Each ceremony is a portal for ascension, where many different channelled tools and energy medicines are used to heal transmute and transcend the wounds of the past, lightening your vibration. Each ceremony is a deeply unique and beautiful experience of purification and multidimensional dreaming as the Akashic DNA is activated to awaken you into more of your potential. Held in the Sacred Energy fo Grandfather fire as medicine and prayer and infused with the energy of light chambers, portals and Eden frequency transmissions these ceremonies are ways to connect deeply with yourself, truth and purpose and engage with the incredible metamorphosis process we are living through in this time of ascension Lots of Love and Blessings, Kahreela and Starlight Temple xx

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