• Starlight's Magic Month of June


    Magic Month is packed with Astrological, Luna, Seasonal, Ancient, Ceremonial and Channeled insights for the month ahead!

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    I will explain how to use the forecasted events and energies to evolve your path, heal yourself and bless your life.

    Also included are Activations, Tantra Transmissions, Meditations, and Alchemy Healing - depending on what my Guides chose to share in the show.

    Magic is always in the timing, this forecast gifts you with the insight, wisdom, and guidance you need to be in time with the Dance of the Universe!

    See you at the next show Stargazers x

  • Earth, Fire and Tribe - a Rewilding Retreat


    Come and gather for a weekend of Rewilding, Reconnecting, and Repairing.
    An opportunity to immerse yourself in Nature and Listen.


    This wonderful weekend is a chance to BE with yourself, your tribe, Mother Earth and Grandfather Fire.

    We will decorate and light a ceremonial fire.
    Once the fire is lit the space is open.

    The rest of the weekend will unfold in the present.

    There is no plan and no destination.

    We will simply open up to the ancient ways

    To the primordial medicines of
    Being in Tribe
    Being in Nature
    Being with the fire.

    Once the fire is lit the invitation is to be present. What happens next is call, co-creation and response.
    There may be meditation, dancing, cuddle-puddles, channeling, creativity, stillness, ceremony, medicine, sharing, star gazing, forest bathing, moments of personal initation… Whatever is meant to be will be.
    The fire, Mother Nature and rhythm of the group will come into symbiosis.
    Everything in presence and flow.

    We will take it, in turn, to keep the fire going.
    This time with Grandfather fire is an incredibly sacred time, you receive visions, insights, clarity, wisdom and restore your life force energy.
    Keeping the fire is the original form of holding prayer.
    With someone watching over the tribe and the fire at all times, your whole system can relax into the Great Belonging.
    The sleep you have when someone is watching the fire for you is such a deep, healing, and magical sleep! It is the sleep of your ancestors.
    The private time with fire is time for you to speak to your dreams.

    This weekend is an opportunity to integrate scattered parts of yourself.
    The collective intention for this weekend is to strengthen the inner voice so that you come away with a deeper understanding of how to hear yourself, speak to yourself more lovingly and communicate your needs clearly.
    It is a space to remember how to be more simple with your beautiful self.

    Whilst there is a collective intention, it has been guided that the journey for each person will be very personal. The whole weekend is space for you to have a divine conversation with yourself, with Grandfather Fire, Mother Earth and each other.

    You are more than welcome to come with a different intention. This is space for you to be you, for you to ask and receive what you need.

    During this Back to the Earth weekend we will switch off from our busy Modern lives, so that we can merge with nature and the old ways of Belonging. This conversation is a remembering. A chance to learn from spirit and tribe and be held by nature.


    A weekend of Connecting to who you are.

    A weekend of Hearing the Voice of the true self.

    A weekend of Fire Ceremony.

    A weekend of the primordial medicine of the human heart.

    We have hired a ceremonial tent space for resting and in case of bad weather moments.

    So that you can truly relax, the price includes 5 beautiful homemade Vegan / Vegetarian meals.
    Two dinners, two breakfasts, and one lunch. On Sunday, after we finish, I will book a group table at the local pub for anyone who would like to have lunch (this lunch is not included).

    This retreat is a camping weekend in a beautiful location in Sussex. Camping is included in the price. You can bring your own tent to pitch on location or your own camper van. If you prefer glamping, bell tents are available to hire which come with lighting, side tables, and blow-up mattresses. The Bell tents sleep up to six people and will cost an additional £44 per person (for both nights). This is based on there being 6 people in the Bell Tent. If you want to be in the Bell Tent please let me know when you book so I can put you in groups of six and arrange the tent.

    It is possible to have a tent for fewer people, although the cost will be divided by the number of people.
    We will have the site completely to ourselves, it is very basic- only toilets.

    The retreat will start at 4 pm, although you are welcome to arrive from 3pm to set up camp. The ceremony will end before Midday on 4th, giving time to pack down before check out.

    Food and basic camping are included in the price. Due to the fact that we are keeping the fire going non-stop, everyone is required to bring some wood to offer to Grandfather Fire. We will email you more details about this, but the wood you need to bring is not included in the price.

    So much love and tribe to you all.

  • BODYLOVE: Deep Dive


    This Summer, join us for a profound opportunity to discover yourself within the rituals of the body, so that you can truly live your self-love every day.
    June 18th - September 15th
    (£777 for Sanctuary members)

    BODYLOVE: Deep Dive is an invitation to embark on a transformative journey of self-care that goes beyond the surface level.
    This journey is stripped-back raw, honest, real self-care.

    Your inner work, energetic practices, manifestations, shadow work, spiritual integrity, and dreams can only fully integrate and show up when you meet and change the habits, separation consciousness and stories of the past that still exist in the way you treat your BODY.

    BODYLOVE: Deep Dive is looking at self-care through the everyday rituals of eating, sleeping, resting and beauty.

    How do we speak to ourselves when we eat, rest, dress, and exercise? What unconscious patterns and habits do we operate from in these areas? Do we approach these activities with truth, respect and love?
    By meeting ourselves within the everyday rituals of the body, we have the opportunity to uncover unhealed shadows, release limiting stories, and transform our vibration.

    “Many people are experiencing incredible love and freedom in their spiritual, energetic realities and imbalance and restriction in their manifest reality. For those of you that are experiencing this struggle to integrate, the invitation this eclipse window is to look at where this integration is being stopped because the habits of the body are still holding the old paradigm. The vibration of your cells and the choices you are making are still patterned with who you were. This journey is a chance to recalibrate and raise the vibration of your body cells so that you can glow with who you are now”

    Learn More: https://www.starlight-temple.com/bodylove-deep-dive

  • Call of the Magdalene - by donation

    Needs a location

    An Online Ceremonial Journey to Unveil More of Your Divine Path
    This is a sacred journey of rebirthing into more of your path, truth and divine power.

    Mary Magdalene’s story is our collective story. The story of her suppression is the story of the suppression and persecution of feminine power, a power that is now rising, returning and revealing herself within us, for now, her story, our story, is becoming empowered.

    In 2016 Mary Magdalene was recognised as an Equal and the Magdalene aspect within ourselves is hearing this call - she knows it is time to come out of hiding, to shed the concepts of the past that no longer fit our womanhoods. She knows it is time to remember the ways of the priestess, to liberate the worthy, wild, strong, sexual, sacred connection to the Universe that only She has. She is willing us to unshackle from the past so that we can dance into the divine conversation of our destinies.

    Over this online course we will be immersed in the energy of Mary Magdalena and exploring what this energy has to teach us about ourselves. This very special journey takes place the week of Mary Magdalena’s Feast Day, it is a ceremonial, alchemical rebirth journey of deep healing and path unveiling. On the full moon after the Immersion week, there will be with a Magnetic Moon prayer to recharge the inner journey and call the dreams of your path to you.

    Learn more here: www.starlight-temple.com/call-of-the-magdalene