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We, at StartupZ, wish to help tech people expand their connections, thus we are trying new ways to grow the community and help tech people better network. For that we need your help, to know what to schedule and when to do so. We are also looking for assistant organizer and event hosts, so please message the organizer if you can and are willing to help. Event: Startup Bike: the core of our group: please tell us when to organize the next event, and if someone is willing to take the responsibility of managing these events. Event: Tech Picnic: A new idea: we can bring our own food and have a picnic somewhere: Need suggestions, and volunteers to organize. Event: Tech Night: A new idea: we go out and party somewhere: Need suggestions, and volunteers to organize. Event: Movie Night: A new idea: we meet at a volunteer's house and we watch a movie & chit chat: Need suggestions, and volunteers to organize. feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section. You can message me here at Meetup or connect with me via linkedin (

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    This group will have different activities, all centered around networking, Entrepreneurship or Tech:

    - The Startup Bike meetup is a monthly event for people who like startups and like bicycles, members meet, talk about common interests while enjoying an easy ride followed by free food and drinks. Anybody who likes startups and bikes is welcome -- you don't need to work at a startup or be a hard-core cyclist.

    - StartupZ Networking for founders, programmers, people with ideas, entrepreneurs ...
    The idea is simple, we meet, have a beer, chit chat & sometimes connect with other entrepreneurs and tech celebrities throughout the world via video conference.
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    - Meetings, Presentations & events about:
    * Big Data : Building delightful data products - leverage big data to deliver great consumer experiences.

    * Internet of Things (IoT)
    * Artificial intelligence (AI)
    * Mobile & Apps
    * Virtual reality (VR) & Augmented reality (AR)
    * Startups & Funding ...


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